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Digital delay

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Moonraker, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    I want to get one of Bosses digital delay pedals but I'm not sure which is better out of them. I know of the dd3, the dd5 and the reveb/delay what is the difference, prices and what is better value for money. I've only heard 2 bass players use digital delay on 'pets' by Porno for Pyros and 'Secretly' by Skunk Anansie. Do any other bass players use them or is it one that bass players don't like them?
  2. Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë

    Ïn±ë®nål¦P®ÏMå±Ë Guest

    Feb 14, 2001
    Hmm... that would sound trippy on bass. I wanna try that out. :D
  3. slam

    slam Guest

    Mar 22, 2000
    I use a boss dd3 in one of my bands. It works fine for bass and it is fairly inexpensive. I got it used from Harmony Central classifieds.

    I also have a dod analog delay that was awesome when it was working properly.

    Delay is nice at points but its not something to use on every song.

    For another example of bass delay check out "One of These Days" b Pink Floyd (on their "Meddle" album). Great tune with a driving bass line.
  4. I've been using delay for ages now for almost everything audio (like EVERYTHING!) - bass is no exception.

    Delay on bass can be a bit weird sometimes, the low frequencies can blend into each other a bit much and cause some real wobbly mud in the sound department.

    The best delay units have a High and Low frequency filter or EQ, which allows you to make the delayed signal a bit less bass-like and more like a mid-treble following line, making it stand out from the original bass sound.

    The BOSS DD-3 is quite good, the DD-5 gives you more range, reverse and sample. The IBANEZ Delay 2 and Delay 3 (different ms. ranges) are superb, much better IMO than the BOSS for retaining HiFi clarity. The KORG 302dl Dynamic Echo (what I use) rocks - bells and whistles everywhere - you can get so many sounds it's not funny, although mine seems to be unable to keep control of the delay speed (which is pretty neat anyways!).

    Analog delay can be quite good as a form of reverb, it thickens and smooths the sound of a bass line nicely when used in moderation.

    But, at the end of the day delay is usually best left for solo and accentuated passages - as a constant effect it can be a bit tiring.
  5. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll try and do some more research into it.

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