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  1. In the months bass player mag there's an article on editing your bass lines, using software, to make the grooves tighter.

    I listen to a fair amount of electronic music, so I'm not averse to using technology to make music.
    I'm definitley not of the opinion that electrionic music isn't 'real music' because it's not played on 'real instruments' or anyting, but I'm not really sure of my opinion on this?

    On my bands demo, there's one particular track that has a few sporadic bass notes (far too many in my mind) that are horribly out of time.
    Personally I would rather just re-play and drop-in the corrected bass line than fix it digitally using pro-tools/Cubase or an equivalent?

    Is it cheating to correct your groove digitally?

    ..or is it just an efficient use of time, because it would undoubtedly be alot more expensive and time consuming to re-record?

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    It's absolutely legit to do it, everybody does it (amateur to pro level) - or do you think every bass line ever recorded was a first take?

    Whether you punch in a new bass line or just correct some note placements with software depends on what is easier, faster (and cheaper).

    It'd only be cheating if you bragged later on in interviews that all your tracks were first takes, for example.
  3. How does what I was saying relate to recording a track in the 1st take?

    1st take means use the 1st take you played/recorded doesnt it?

    Whether you use the 1st or 100th take of a track you can still drop in bass parts or manipulate them using software - I don't think the number of takes is relevant here? I may be wrong, if so, please explain?!

    I just meant that if you move notes about it's not strictly your groove. Ie: you've had to chop it about to get it perfect. Ie: you cant play it perfectly so you tweak it to make it perfect.

    They never did that 20 years ago, yet they still had perfect basslines.

    Surely it just takes away the need to be able to play the line perfectly?

    I would and will use these techniques - I'm just playing devils advocate I suppose.
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    Sep 4, 2000
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    That was just an extreme example...

    First take means, the first take was used for the recording without any punch ins, etc.

    Do as you like...