DigiTech BP-8 $175

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    This puppy looks, sounds, and works great!

    The DigiTech BP8 Preamp/ FX Processor is designed exclusively for bass guitar with full-bandwidth effects. Bassist will able to quickly switch effects and preamp tones without losing bottom end. The biggest and best multi-effects unit for bass. Heavy gauge steel body & pedal.

    40 Factory Programs and 40 User Memory Presets.

    It's a programmable multi-effects processor that includes a full-function Analog Compressr, 12AX7A Tube and Solid-State Preamps, 4-Band Semi-Parametric EQ, Noise Gate, Expression/Volume Pedal, stereo effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Auto Panner, Pitch Shifter, DigiTech Whammy & Harmony Pedal, Envelope Filter, Fretless Bass Simulator, Octa-Bass Effect, 1 & 2 Tap Delays, and Reverb.
    Drive the Tube to Overdrive or Distortion or Solid State OD/Dis.

    I'll add a Sylvania Long Plate JAN 5751 tube with the stock 12AX7.

    Other Features Include:

    Three different output modes
    -Bi-Amping Mode, w/adjustable freq. points and outputs for hi's & lo's.
    -Stereo Mode
    -Dual Mono Mode

    Notch Filter to reduce bad resonance frequencies according to the room.

    Jam-Along-Jack for CD/Stereo input for jamming to your favorite tunes.

    Headphone Jack for private playing.

    Includes Manual