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Digitech BP200 replacement

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by keiser8339, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. I got this pedal about 10 years ago, created a patch for a clean sound and have used it ever since. Through the years I've gotten a Sansamp but I still use the BP200 because it's the 'core' of my sound, so to speak. I'm looking for a single effect/preamp/whatever kind of pedal I can use to replace the Digitech pedal, as it takes up a lot of room on my pedalboard. My current chain is - Shure Wireless>EBS Compressor>Sansamp>BP 200. I want to add some other effects like chorus, fuzz/wah and a Blower Box, pedals that I have and sound great alone, but with the digitech pedal they don't seem to sound good together. The amp/stompbox preset on the patch I made is based on an Ashdown ABM-C410H. I'm really lost as to what to do. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  2. What’s the setting of the patch you use on the BP200 (effects type, etc)?
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  3. A used Digitech BP355? I think it has the same effects and amp sims?
  4. There isn’t any effect. It’s just a clean sound.
  5. Robertron


    Feb 12, 2010
    NewYork, NY
    I used to love the BP200. Some of the clean tones that came out of that pedal were surprisingly beefy and articulate. That Strings effect is killer.

    The clean sound you're hearing is just the pedal EQing your clean tone so it kind of is an effect itself. You just need to replace it with a small-sized preamp pedal with the proper cab sim to match the tone you're simulating.

    I would recommend you use YouTube to look at Bass demos of different preamp pedals and try to find something that creates the tone you're after. Have you looked into the other Sansamp flavors or the Darkglass pedals?
  6. It sounds to me like you need to commit and really dig into the BP200 embrace the GUI* and get creative as i know there are some good sounds in there you just have to discover and create them.

    *Graphical User Interface- the way parameters are laid out aka the map

    I used a Digitech BP8 for a while and it really took a while to grok the GUI and get into the sounds but once there it was well worth the journey of discovery for the sounds we created together. I still use the BP8 for one of my long term projects a sci fi prog rock thang.

    I have sort of the same issue my "clean sound" on the Zoom B2 is a combination of limiter, the Bassman amp model, EQ setting and small room reverb. In essence to create the studio sound I had with my bass into a Submarine preamp with a touch of studio room reverb. To that I added other effects as needed. After all these years of tweaking it is my sound and nothing new will really do all the things that the B2 does for me without a trunk of effects, luckily they are still going strong.
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  7. I was just looking at their pedals a few hours after making this post, and I'm sold on the Alpha Omega Ultra. That thing sounds like a power house and I really dig the graphic EQ.
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  8. If it does something, there must be an effect of some sort, like a compressor, an eq, preamp or whatever?

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