For Sale Digitech BP50 Multi-Effects Processor

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Mike Sorr, Nov 25, 2017.

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    I'm cutting back on some of the stuff I have lying around that I rarely, if ever, use. One of them is my Digitech BP50 multi-effects unit. I have the BP355, so this one never comes out of the closet. It has been well used, but is still in excellent working condition. The price includes an unused power cord which I bought separately.

    Here's some info from Digitech:

    The BP50 is a feature-packed bass modeling floor processor. Our bass guitar-freak engineers built the BP50 with the great tone and effects you expect from DigiTech, including award-winning amp and cabinet modeling plus an arsenal of studio-quality effects designed specifically for the bass.

    The BP50 uses our AudioDNA™ DSP chip to ensure that both modeling and effects are world-class. Plus, 24-bit A/D/A converters ensure accurate tonal reproduction between inputs and outputs. And when we weren't looking, our fanatical engineers even snuck in a drum machine with 30 patterns, adjustable tempo and an easy-to-use 13-LED-array tuner. Then we made sure that the BP50's user interface was so simple a drummer could operate it (well most drummers, anyway).

    Display: Dual 7 Segment LED Display
    Preset Memory: 40 User/40 Factory Presets
    Drum Machine: 30 Patterns
    Simultaneous Effects: Up to 8
    Input: 1/4" Mono Instrument Input, 1/4" Expression Pedal Input
    Output: 1/4" Stereo, Mono, or Headphone

    I'm looking for $35, plus $10 to ship it CONUS only.

    IMG_1354.JPG IMG_1352 (2).JPG Digitech Back Panel BP50.JPG
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