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Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by gorneyg, Oct 2, 2017.

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    I was looking for something 'different'...and this is...but it doesn't fit the style or sound my band needs. It's in new condition...had it for a few weeks and never left my house.

    The DigiTech Dirty Robot synth pedal is a unique, true-bypass, all-metal, stereo guitar pedal that features two synthesizer voices. The first voice transforms the guitar sound into that of a classic synth with a variable filter sweep. The second voice uses a vocal formant filter to create vowel/talkbox-like sounds such as "yeah," "ow," "eye," and several others. The pedal is designed to work perfectly for both for guitar and bass.
    It features three concentric (2-in-1) knobs to control the mix of synth to guitar and modulation amount, start and stop frequencies, and sensitivity to playing dynamics and time of sweep, as well as one regular knob that controls the waveform or drift pattern. The waveform or drift pattern has options for a square wave, sub-octave, and octave. The octave and sub-octave features are similar to what you might find on an octaver pedal. Meanwhile, the modulation controls a chorus-like effect. The on/off button can be held down to produce a synth wheel like vibrato effect, making this pedal a bundle of effects all in one package.
    The stomplock that the pedal comes with allows you to to "save" your control configuration so that none of the knobs move while you're away from the pedal. This is perfect for both recording and gigging as you can turn the pedal off, leave it for a while, or transport it without losing the exact configuration you want for a given song. The light on the pedal is red to indicate the power is on and the pedal is turned on, or green to indicate that the vibrato effect is in use. Finally, the pedal is ultra durable, made completely of metal, so you can accidentally drop it, jostle it, pack it, or even scrape it without worrying about the functionality. Truly a well made pedal through and through.

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