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  1. Our band has an intro we like to play. It's a simple .wav file. I could just play it with my phone, but I get grief from sound guys all the time. Firstly, I know how to run a sound device through a DI. I worked sound for over twenty years. One guy told me I couldn't do that.."it wont sound right, you cant do that..." Yeah, right, whatever pal. So I sent him the file and he was going to play it from his laptop. It started fine, but in the middle, he bumped the laptop and hit the stop button...so that sounded like ish.

    Another time, the sound guy, again, was going to play it from the laptop. He forgot to turn up the channel level until halfway through. Sounded like ish again.

    I have a few other samples I'd like to play in some songs (effects and things, not parts of the songs we would/could play). Has anyone ever used one of these? Easy to use in the wild? Did you just run it out through a DI to the mixer? Any tips?

  2. Vic Winters

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    The band I'm in uses the Stereo Jam Man quite a bit. Mono signal into a DI. It's very easy to use, and sounds great.

    A few tips:

    -Get the 3 button foot switch for the added stop and scrolling functionality
    -Quantize your audio to avoid spikes and lulls (it's an option in the software editor)
    -Make sure you correctly set the samples you want to keep looping vs. the single loops (also in the software editor)
    -Throw your samples on an SD card so you can swap to another unit if need be
    -Back up samples in case it gets lost/stolen
    -Make a numbered Excel spread sheet of all your samples, what song they go to and what memory position they are on the unit
    -Put the corresponding memory position(s) next to the songs on your set lists
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    There's all kinds of ways to trigger samples. Our drummer does some of his iPad (with leading clicks that he can hear, so the counts us in).
    Other use samplers with triggers to full blown backing tracks running off PC's.
    If you've got the hardware/wiring connections, should be no issues with running it from your phone.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I had forgotten about this post...

    Thanks...That's what I want to hear! (easy to use and good sound). I had watched a vid on Youtube about the pedal and a guy had recorded a sample directly from his phone into the pedal and saved it. I've not actually found a video showing the software yet but I'm still looking. I'm not really interested in the looping what I'm playing so much as the sampler feature. Most videos I've seen show somebody playing endless loops over each other and adding to it.

    I've thought about this too. I already have an iPad, but I'm not what software to use, or how to trigger it without using my hands. I know there are some foot switch things out there but dont know much about them.

  5. Vic Winters

    Vic Winters Supporting Member

    Apr 20, 2006
    Western NY
    I should have clarified. In each memory position there is an option to play that saved sample a single time, or have it repeat ad infinitum until you press the stop button.


    This vid helped get me started.
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  6. Thanks for the vid!

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