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Digitech Rock Box review

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by WashburnBasser, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. For my first review, I'm going to be reviewing my newly acquired DigiTech PDS 2714 Rock Box pedal. It is a double size pedal, and a combination distortion and chorus. Each effect has a dedicated footswitch. The knobs are as follows [Chorus Side] Level, Speed, Depth, and Delay time, [Distortion Side] Level, Presence, Distortion. All of these knobs are pretty standard to these types of pedals, except the Delay time knob. It offers a short delay, which causes a reverb type effect, which greatly enhances the chorus. For the purposes of this review I will review each side separately.

    Chorus Side:

    The chorus side is very nice offering a variety of chorus sounds. I would describe the chorus as neither too cold sounding or too lush sounding, it is very neutral, in a pleasing sort of way. The delay time knob is very nice, and adds a nice echoish factor to the chorus, which I like a lot.

    Distortion Side:

    8/10 The distortion is a very nice fuzzy tone, which I also like a lot. It is, however, not as versatile as the chorus. The distortion knob basically lets you choose between distortion, and more distortion. You can change the tone of the distortion a good amount with the presence knob. I really like the few sounds this side of the pedal makes however, so it's lack of versatility doesn't really matter to me much.

    Overall: 8.5/10

    This is a very fun pedal, and because of it's age, it is possible to get one very cheaply. I got mine for $45 on TB. It is a 9V pedal, and has a 1/8 inch power supply jack, which is a little unusual. It also has stereo outputs, but I have yet to run it in stereo.

    CLIPS: digitech rock box.wav - 6.73MB

    These are a few clips of the Rock Box, playing with various settings on both sides, and ending with a fuzzy chorus line, to which I believe SpankyPants would refer to as "SPOOKY!" :D.

    (Credit for the picture goes to Trevorus, but I'm dead certain I actually have the same pedal as in the picture, as the paint chips and the scratch on the chorus bypass look identical!)
  2. Hmmm... Interesting stompbox, never heard of it before. Very nice clips! The distortion sounds very beefy and muddy. The chorus is pretty nice, pretty thick and cold. I love the way things get scary at the end of the clip :D

    Looks like it was released just after Digitech bought out DOD. Same paint job, same kind of footswitch, just a different name on the pedal.
  3. Yeah, actually inside the box there is a DOD sticker! I think Travorus is the one who got this circulating in TalkBass, but I plan on keeping this around.
  4. I think it's part of the PDS series of Digitech pedals. I have a PDS 20/20 and it has DOD on the footswitches. I like the "infinite hold" feature of the delay pedals.

  5. Yep, its the PDS 1714!

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