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Digitech Whammy - ok for Bass?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by phatbass, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of getting myself one of these while I'm in my current pedal buying frenzy.

    How is the current Digitech Whammy for Bass use? Does it have that barely audible but annoying out-of-tune harmonic following the pitch-shifted note (I remember this from an old harmoniser)?

    As usual, none of the local toy-stores have one that I can actually try out.
  2. HogieWan


    Feb 4, 2008
    Lafayette, LA
    yes - all real-time pitch shifting will have that noise
  3. no the whammy 4 will never work on bass. You must buy a 700 dollar bass whamy off of ebay.


    Just kidding
  4. Mega Music in Myaree has them to try out from memory.

    I had one in the past and it worked excellent. It's one of those fun pedals you always wish you still had.

    Only thing is if your from Perth and you buy from overseas, you'll need to buy a non original power supply from ebay. They have strange power requirements and digitech Australia won't sell you a 240 volt wall wart unless you prove it's from Australia.
  5. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    Petaluma, CA, USA
    Most of us agree that the Whammy IV works well on bass. On lower notes, it doesn't quite sound as good as the Bass Whammy does, but it overall works fine. No concerns of low end loss or anything like that. Some of the Whammy IV's features are absolute garbage IMO on bass (i.e., Dive Bomb, 2 Octaves Down, etc.), but that's because they go below audible frequencies.

    The Bass Whammy has a slightly different natural tone, and seems to carry better when sustaining low notes.
  6. Chronicle


    Sep 13, 2006

    hah first one to say it!
  7. And one more question; how are they for long term structural integrity? Especially with an ol' fat guy pedalling away on it on a regular basis...
  8. Build like a fricken tank. Fire engine red little sucker could probablly destroy a real fire engine in a fight. Metal, heavy, tough.
  9. whoatherechunk


    Apr 4, 2008
    icarus: i know i love my whammy 4 but ........to say its pretty much indestructible is hmmmmm.....bordering BS.....these break quite frequently.....that coming from many touring pros......if they are to be kept always in good condition...then i'd agree with you :D
  10. +1 useless 2 octave down.

    The harmony settings are fine, on single notes and ok when you pluck two notes, things get a little iffy if you strum or play chords.
    The de-tune settings give really cool watery chorus sounds.

    Casing is solid, but I've heard the footswitch can be worn out over time.

    The main drawback is the lack of a 5th^Oct^ setting...
  11. I suppose its down to personal experience. I dropped mine from a 3 storey car park by accident and It survived with only a small scratch.

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