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    I am selling my Digitech X-Series Digidelay digital delay guitar effects pedal. This pedal is in excellent condition, has heavy duty Velcro on the bottom and is ready for your pedalboard. Awesome working delay, I just need the board space for another pedal. This pedal can do a ton of different delays including reverse and sampling. $50 shipped to the conus. Paypal. PM with questions. Thanks

    Specs below:

    Up to 4 seconds of delay time with high-end sampling and tap tempo.

    The Digitech DigiDelay gives you up to 4 seconds of premium-sound delay, more than is found in many studio-quality, rackmounted delay processors—and that's just the beginning! This standard-size delay pedal lets you select various delay types including ping-pong, tape, reverse, modulated, and looping. The Loop function records loops up to 4 seconds in length—and you can add overdubs! The DigiDelay also features Tap Tempo control and switchable CIT guitar cabinet modeling for great direct-to-the-mixer guitar sound! Stomp box controls include Level, Repeat, Time, and Mode. Outputs include Left/Mono and Right.


    • Up to 4 seconds of delay
    • Various delay types: ping-pong, tape, reverse, modulated, looping
    • 4-second loops with overdubs
    • Tap Tempo
    • Switchable CIT guitar cabinet modeling output
    • Level, Repeat, Time, and Mode controls
    • Mono/stereo outputs

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