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Digitech X Series - Thoughts ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Aaren Double J, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. I was considering getting the multichorus and the compressor.....and the distortion......

    Anyone tried them ?
  2. leanne


    May 29, 2002
    Rochester, NY
    I have the bass driver and I really like it. It sounds good and you can get a good variety of sounds. I mostly use it for just a little bit of distortion, though (I keep the blend pretty dry).

    The DigiTech website has decent sound samples of the X series pedals.

    Edit: where's the serial number on these things?
  3. Tried a few last night. Seemed quiet?
  4. Yeah , apparently they're pretty much noiseless....apparently . Well , Chris Chaney gets a good sound outta them . But I need to try them out with my L2K before I buy one .
  5. bump
  6. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    Bass synth and Compressor are the best bang for the bucks on the market, without a doubt.
    Distortion is not bad but lacks balls and dynamics.
    I can live without the Chorus. There is much better around.
  7. chris h

    chris h Guest

    Jun 16, 2002
    Oxford, England
    I LOVE the bass synth wah, its way better for me than some more expensive stuff i could mention. Its just SO versatile. Here is a quick review if your interested, I can answer any specific questions if need be..

    Price Paid: 89 (pounds sterling)
    Ease of Use: 9
    Very easy to use. Manual was clear and helpful, with some suggested settings etc. Takes a little playing around with but on the hole very easy and fun to use. The only gripe is the battery access which is by removing the pedal front plate by pushing some spring loaded buttons, but i dont use batteries anyway.

    Sound Quality: 10
    My chain goes: Pedulla mvp/Jazz bass/ 57 p-bass/ > X series synth>boss oc-2 octave> Boss lmb-3> Dunlop 105q wah> EHX bassballs> Ehx Q-tron> Boss ceb-3 Chorus> Hartke 3500> Hartke 410bxl.

    I dont find the unit noisy, and the effects sound really rich and of excellent quality. The best thing in my opinion is the ability to blend in clean sound with almost all the settings, so you can get much more subthe sounds than with my EHX effects, which in turn makes it more useable for me. The modes are as follows:

    1. Envelope filter: classic filter sound. the contriols in this mode are: 1-Sensitivity of filter 2-blend (clean/effect) 3-range of filter
    2. Sub env filter: as above but the blend adjusts the level of the octave down. Tracks really well, never found an octaver that tracks so well. more on that later..
    3. Filter with UP mode.. Hard to explain, but takes the note from deep sub sound to gritty treble with adjustable speed and range and sensitivity (takes a lot of playing with, but DEFINITELY some useable sounds)
    4. As above but with DOWN sweep (does reverse of above)
    5. Synth UP - Digitechs own 'YA' effect.. hard to describe but similar as above in terms of control
    6. Synth down
    7. Sub synth. This one is interesting. Basically you can go from essentialy an octave pedal with blend with origional sound etc and then blend in a squelchy synth over it with varying attack and prescence. But turn off the synth by turning the knob right round and you have the worlds best tracking octave pedal. you can slap and pop with it, do chords, the lot! Although i do prefer the more gritty sound of the oc-2 (it does 2 octaves down aswell), the digitech is more than good enough for jamming if you cant take your whole pedalboard. I can get away with just this pedal, my lmb-3 and chorus if i have to.

    Reliability: 10
    Definitely reliable, built like a boss. Sturdy chassis and good quality jacks.

    Customer Support: N/A
    never dealt with them

    Overall Rating: 10
    I use it for all styles.. im a traditional type player really, and thats why i like this pedal, because it does subtle so well, but can go hillariously over the top if you want it to, but it always sounds GREAT! Im sure this pedal will become a classic in years to come. for the price, i cant see anything touching it. I bought it on the strength of the env. filter alone, but found myself loving the rest of it too!!

    ...and yes i pasted it from harmony central!
  8. Much has already been posted on the Bass Synth but I will say this; The octaver is the best I've tried. It is much better tracking wise than the Boss but still has that OC-2 warmth that the EBS lacks. This thing will seriously track down to my B-string. The EV filter is OK. It's smooth which is what really counts but most analog filters would probably have this one beat. I really like the #2. Sub env filter setting but if you had a decent octaver and filter already it isn't that necassary. Convinient if you want to pair your pedal count down....but why would you wanna do that?
  9. 20db pad

    20db pad

    Feb 11, 2003
    I been everywhere, man...
    None. At all.
    I own the chorus and the bass synth. I'll echo all the positive comments regarding the synth, as well as give a thumbs up for the chorus.

    I got an e-mail about a buy two, get one free thing from Digitech the other day, so you may be able to wrangle a free pedal out of the deal....

    They're both brutal on batteries - barely makes it through a four-hour gig. Adapters may be the best bet if you don't want to change the batteries all the time.