SOLD DiMarzio Area J Bass Pickup Set and Sadowsky 4 Knob, OnBoard Preamp

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    Here is a great sounding combination - Sadowsky, 4 Knob, Onboard preamp with Passive Tone Control / Solderless connectors, along with a set of DiMarzio, Area J, Vintage Jazz Bass / Noiseless pickups. Super clean tones. I installed them around the first week of April 2019, so not much usage.

    The Sadowsky preamp has a lot of tonal range. I like the sound.... But it's not the sound I want for this particular bass. I do not have another bass where I have room enough for the input jack and battery connector for the Sadowsky.

    Sadowsky = $215.00 Comes With Box, Control Plate, Original Sadowsky Knobs and Instruction Sheet. Sadowsky is SOLD!!!

    DiMarzio Area J Pickups = $85.00 With Plastic Box and New Mounting Screws. Pickups are sold too!

    Your PayPal payment gets the items shipped to your Lower 48th US state. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail with proper packaging and insurance. More Pics to come once items are removed. Sorry, No Trade Interest At This Time.
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