Dimarzio DP 127 functional?

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  1. will the Dimarzio DP 127 pickups work on a Squier P-Bass as it would on a Fender P-Bass?....

    does anyone have the Dimarzio DP 127 pickups on their bass?
    if so, tell me what you think about it? and what you think of P-Basses.
  2. Flatwound

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    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    The DP127 will work in your bass. I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting. And I think P-Basses are extremely cool.
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I do (finally). Way back when I got my Yamaha RBX260F,
    I figured the P-type pup would be crap. I ordered a DP127
    (Split-P) from M/F. As it turned-out, the pup on the Yamaha
    wasn't that bad. But, last night I got bored so I swapped
    it out for the Split-P.

    Lawd `ave mercy! :eek: This pup-pie is sensitive!
    Of course I'd removed the strings (TI Flats) when I did the install.
    I had to double-check to make sure I hadn't re-installed roundwounds.
    Where'd all them dang highs come from? The lows were there in spades too.
    Ooooh...those mids ( tee-hee :D ). This is what I was hopin' fer.
    Evenly weighted with the high and lows with any level of "touch" and
    grrrrowly to boot.

    Like I said, these things are sens-i-tive. They respond to everything
    from the lightest tap to the heaviest snap or pop (if that's your thing).
    AND they're passive (Look ma! No battery!).

    I should mention, I also replaced the Volume and Tone pots, cap, and
    output jack with a kit from Stew-Mac ( http://www.stewmac.com ).
    I was gonna' add some shielding tape too. But. When I was removing the old
    assembly, I noticed the grounding was pretty inconsistent.
    I made sure the pup, the pots, the jack, and the bridge all
    had a good ground...buh-bye Buzz!

    I think a Split-P would be a good tweak for your Squier.
    It gives my cheapie Yamaha a well-balanced (blades!), CLEAN tone.

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