Dimarzio DP127 with a TBX and S/P Push Pull?

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    Aug 23, 2016
    So ive been eyeing this Fender MiM P bass at a local pawn shop for a week now they want 350$ for it and all week ive been gassing, thinking about mods and pick gaurds and everything but thats besides the point

    MY question to all you beautiful TBer's is has anyone ever done a p pickup with series parallel push pull volume with a tbx tone? Is the DP127 4 conductor wiring meaning its really two individual humdingers in unison, do you even need 4 conductor wiring to do this to do the s/p thing??

    Also whats the tone like on the D127 i basically cant find squat on YT for sound samples...sorry about the multi question post
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    Aug 23, 2016
    Is this thing on? Bump
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    I love DiMarzio's pickups, but their wiring diagrams are bin-worthy. Here's S.D.'s, you'll just have to work out which DiMarzio wires are applicable:


    I've read nothing but bad about Fender's TBX. It was a good idea, but apparently they've completely redone how it's wired now, w/o announcing that.
    DiMarzio recommends a 33 nanoFarad capacitor & a 500k Ohm volume pot. I'd go one step further & say get a linear taper volume pot & if you can't find a linear taper push/pull make the treble-cut pot the push/pull.
    Also, for the treble-cut pot, I'd suggest a 500k Ohm audio taper pot.

    TBH you won't need a bass-cut knob if you have a series/parallel, because if you want to reduce the bass you just put it in parallel.

    OTOH, you could move the jack to the bottom & then you'd have 3 holes for pots & install a bass-cut, like G&L uses on their L-2000.
    Here's a schematic of how the bassc-cut is wired, specifically the top portion:
    That's a reverse-audio taper 1 MegOhm pot & a 2.2 nanoFarad cap.
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    Aug 23, 2016
    So basically if your already doing a parallel thing theres no point in having a bass cut from the tbx, but the tbx wiring has been changed you say, i guess with different cap values? I mean would there be other ways to wire it other then just to change the cap values?

    And i like the idea of the G and L wiring, im guessing thats a passive design? Im already looking at my squire p/j Jaguar and wondering if u could do the same with two volumes, so in all have 4 knobs.
    1 for neck volume, 1 for bridge volume, then 1 for bass cut, then 1 for treble cut. That would be pretty cool, i mean it that cool in my head atleast right?

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