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DiMarzio Dual Tone Sound?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Old Garage-Bander, May 29, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm curious about the tone differences when using "Dual Tone" (series/parallel, I think) switching with DiMarzio pickups.
    I have a DiMarzio split P(127) and a J(123) on my Squier Jag VM Shortie, "experimental" bass.
    I am changing pots and switching wiring to vol/vol/tone config. The two vol pots have DPDT push pull switches. (The tone pot is a TBX.)

    I currently have phase switching and a switch to series/parallel the p/j pickups with each other.
    I really like the phase switching but I don't get too much of a change with the s/p switch.

    I was eyeballin' the DiMarzio wiring diagrams on their site and saw they have "Dual Tone" switching for the individual pickups (4 wire humbuckers). I think this is series/parallel switching for the coils in each pickup.
    I did some looking around TB and found a couple of posts about doing this but I did not find anyone ever say how it worked out.

    So I have two switches and four options:
    1) Dual Tone on the Neck and phase switch?
    2) Dual Tone on the Bridge and phase switch?
    (Does Dual Tone give a better, or different change on one pickup vs the other?)
    3) Dual Tone on both pickups because it's so cool that it's better than phase switching?
    4) Dual Tone isn't worth the bother. Switch phase and find another use for the second switch?

    I'd appreciated any thoughts anyone might have on this.
    How does it sound if you've done it?
    Does switching one pickup give a more pronounced change vs switching the other? (If I had to pick just one.)

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