DiMarzio model J with J East J Retro pre

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  1. Has anyone tried this? What were the results?
  2. Yes indeed . I have this exact combo in one of my Fretless Js and it 's a monster . This bass was already set up when I bought it with black tapewounds of unknown make and plays and sounds great so never changed strings . One of my best sounding and playing basses .
  3. Good to hear (pun intended) I'm putting one together right now.
  4. Keep us posted. I think you 'll be pleased . I 'm more of a p guy and can get close to that tone as well as jazz bass tones.
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    Feb 11, 2014
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    Hi... I have DiMarzio Area J's with the John East Retro J in my Geddy Lee and I love the setup. The pups, by themselves were a little lacking (IMHO), but they really came to life when the preamp was added. It takes a little time to figure out all of the knobs, but the results are amazing. So many different tones and variations. And a great side benefit is no more buzz!
  6. Took out my model Js. The bass totally lost its character. Sounds amazing with the single coils and EQ left at the centre detents. The Model Js are going in a Squier VM77 I have on order along with my spare Badass II. 500k pots, tone control bypass, sand and oil the neck and I think it'll be a good little bass.