Dimarzio Model J's made me a bad parent!!!

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  1. Ok, finally had my Fender Vintage Noiseless J pups replaced with Model J set the other day on this bass:
    I liked the Fender pups, but they weren't really working for me for this bass (I previously had OLD Dimarzios on it, but they were really noisy, so I switched to the Fenders).
    I had old strings on it & didn't have time during the week to really give the new pups a proper test drive. Well, while my wife was out working & our daughter was occupied this morning, I changed my strings & plugged into my rig at normal volume, and.......WOW!!!!!!! I was digging the new pups so much I couldn't put the bass down. Then I realized, I'm supposed to be watching my daughter & take her out to do something (and I haven't even showered yet). Oh well, gotta put the bass down & get on with my day.
    Can't wait for band rehearsal on Wednesday!!!!!!!
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    Nice, its amazing what the right set of pickups can do for an instrument.
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