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DiMarzio Model P clips

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by slowburnaz, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. slowburnaz


    Mar 27, 2002
    Tucson, AZ
    Does anyone have or know where I can hear some sound clips of the DiMarzio Model P in action? I'm thinking of starting a little project bass, based on an Essex '57 P bass copy.

    I'm thinking of slapping in another P pickup at the bridge (like an older Fender P bass Elite model), putting in switches that can switch either P pickup from series to parallel, and, if I can find out where I saw them, use the volume pots that can be used as a straight-through connection (they have a detent that clicks in when you turn the knob all the way down that essentially turns the pot into a straight-through wire connection electrically that bypasses the potentiometer completely).

    Thanks in advance.

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