DiMarzio P VS. Duncan Basslines 1/4 Pound

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  1. I'm a very very satisfied Quarter Pound user, so I won't be switching... I'm just wondering what the tonal differences are between the Quarter Pound and the DiMarzio Model P.

    According to the DiMarzio website, the Model P offers "Heavy sound with midrange emphasis. Aggressive sound designed to cut through dense tracks and loud situations." They also go on to say "Model P pickups cut through the band without sacrificing bottom-end power. Gutsy mid-range provides growl when the bass is pushed hard. Combine the DiMarzio Model P with a bridge position DiMarzio Model J and experience any tone from a tight mid-range punch to a warm bottom-end with bright, clear attack."

    That, to my ears, is exactly what the QP sounds like. Any thoughts? Comparisons?
  2. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    I've used both and I remain a devoted Duncan user. DiMarzio makes awesome pickups and they are def my second choice. The model P's I have played are about the same level of out put (a lot) as the Duncans and they cut very well but to my ears the Model P lacks the lowend that the Duncan has. I honestly would be very satisfied if I had either one of them.
  3. Ok, thanks. :)

    Any other opinions?