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dimarzio pickup help

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by rorykins, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. hello all.
    Ive just dropped an old Dimarzio pickup into the neck position on my MIJ Fender jazz bass. its an older Dimarzio with the off white cover and what looks like 2 seperate coils in it. It sounds great, but im not shure if ive got it wired properly. There were 4 wires, red, green, black, and white. What do i do with the different wires? Someone told me red to green and I read online somewhere white to black should be connected. :confused:
    Does anyone know how to connect this badboy properly? also, are the MIJ fender pickups (from the early 90s) any good? anydifferent that MIA?
    any info would be super helpfull.
  2. If the colours are still the same with the newer models, then wire them like this:

    That's with a switch to wire it in series or parallel.

    If you just want it as a single coil, then solder the white and black one together and the green = ground, red = hot.

    I would put it in the bridgeposition though, I totally LOVE mine in the bridge with a series/parallel switch. Most of the time I solo it in series and sometimes I dial in a little bit of the neck pickup for some more warmth/boom. :smug:
  3. wow,
    i bought the dimarzio used and never really thought of it in a series/parallel switch. thanks for the diagram. problem is, it only fits in the neck position, but i would love to hear it in the bridge. so much to think about now.
  4. MAKE it fit in the bridge :bag:

    Really, I don't really like mine in the neck.. I do absolutely like it in the bridge position.
  5. Alright, ill squish it in as soon as I have the other pickup for the neck position. They really are a tight squeeze. ill have to wait untill i go back to canada in a few months. Your adamant opinon has swayed me to try it out. Any opinons on the pickups in the Japanese Fender basses? compared to American?

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