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DiMarzio Will Power Middle Split-P

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by bgavin, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. Musician's Friend will special order the DM DP146 pickup for $59.99 (item #302083). As near as I can tell, this is the rudest split-P available. DiMarzio says is concentrates the lows and mids equally, and rolls off the highs. Punch is supposedly its strong suit.

    Why... I just installed a new Duncan Hot P (SPB-2) in my MIM P. It's a wonderful sounding, loud, tasty pickup. The SD is louder than the MIM it replaced, very rich, and much more even sounding across the D and G strings. But, it doesn't seem to grind and growl and display a lot of attitude. I dunno if that is even what I want, or if I'm just GASsing to go diddle with my bass some more.
  2. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    go fer it b/g! :)

    Here's a thought...keep an eye on eBay, GBase, etc., for
    one of these (B.C. Rich, Renaissance, S.D. Curlee) and
    use it as a "test bed" :D

  3. Hmm... double split-P... I suppose that means "show me your P-P?"


    < running for the door >
  4. Bad man. The pun police are going to be after you.:D

    Actually, I once tried a custom Warlock that had 3 Ps in it. VERY punchy tone. Looked pretty cool too, as 1 was white and the other 2 were red.

    Rock on
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I'll see your 3 P's and call ...3 J's with a powerbucker at the bridge :p

    &nbsp; 5363203.
  6. I ordered a DP146 Will Power Middle from MF. It will take 4 ~ 6 weeks to arrive, and total cost is $67.94, item #302083.

    I'm intrigued by the 8-8-5 (bass-mid-high) response as stated by DiMarzio. This is more low and mid emphasis than my current Hot P (7-5-5) or the SD Vintage P (5-7-7) which favors this mids and highs and rolls off the lows.

    I assume the DP146 is significantly overwound, as it has the very high low and mid numbers, with the corresponding rolloff of the highs. It is reputed to have significant percussiveness, which is what I'm hunting for.
  7. The DP146 is now fully installed and road tested.

    The most noticeable point is this pickup, like the Duncan Hot P before it, does not have as much percussive nature as the original Fender MIM pickup.

    That aside, the tone is more full (less mids concentration) than the Hot for P, and every bit as loud. I have the pickups riding low in the cavity and much farther away from the strings than were the Duncans and stock pickups.

    DiMarzio provides both halves of the split-P pickup with full length wiring to allow series/parallel switching. The Duncan came wired as a pair with a short connection between the two halves for series-only operation.

    Switching is accomplished using a Radio Shack 275-626A micro DPDT on/on type switch. I drew and traced a schematic of the wiring instructions provided by DiMarzio, and it works as intended. I learned during the installation that the switch wiring should be installed first to push-on connectors, then those connectors soldered to the switch terminals. This makes for a much cleaner installation at the switch. The wires installed on the switch can be soldered and shrink wrapped and tucked into the control cavity. I will use this technique when I do the DiMarzios and J-Retro for my J fretless.

    Any split-P can derive noticeable benefit from series/parallel switching. The tone change is significant, and parallel mode provides a very clear, but less fat tonality.
  8. Sounds pretty sweet. Anyway you could get us a few mp3s so we could hear it?

    Rock on
  9. I've been making (kinda sh*tty) recordings of my adventures with different basses, pickups and strings.

    The quality isn't quite what I wanted, because I was recording directly using my SWR IOD as a front end to my sound card. It seems I had to turn the sound card all the way up, and the IOD all the way up. The records are OK, but could be better.

    A few days ago, I was digging through a mountain of old CDs and found a copy of Cakewalk Express Gold 8 that came bundled with a sound card. I installed this and it seems to make a whole lot of difference in the quality. I ran my audiophile grade cassette deck directly into the sound card and used Cakewalk to record the left and right tracks. The quality is stunning.

    I'll see if I can get some Cakewalk recordings of the MIM P with the new pickup.

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