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dimarzio's ultra j pu's, HELP!!

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by tyburn, Nov 14, 2000.

  1. right, i know these pu's have been thrown around here in a game of typeing tennis but i'm stuck,,

    i live in england and am excessivly gealous of u lot over the water, i would like to replace the pickups in my fender jazz bass and i have decided on the dp149's,,,, now i have wanted to do this for along time but went off the idea,

    but now i have looked back at old emails that isent asking for reviews and followed your advice,, i have two questions:

    1. my j bass is MIA but was a combined effort with mexico,, it , in my opinion has a higher quality to that of the exclusive mim, but the quality of the pickups is , well pants, it has opted for the mim pu option,, don't no why??,, but has higher quality tuners, no sharp edges and i very good finish that nowadays is shared with the majority of fenders,, but i'll still have to enlarge the route for the bigger bridge pu

    2. because i live here finding them is , welll impossible and the cost a hell of a lot more,, i'm considering buying them from u guys over there,, has anyone got any advice about the installation, enlarging the route or where i can buy them from,, either here in england or from the us,,

    cheers rith
  2. I put Dimarzio DP123's in my MIM Jazz, I think they are similar to the Ultra J's. I did it myself with only a 3/4 inch wood chisel to enlarge the bridge pickup route slightly. The stock Mexican pickups are both Neck pickups, so the bridge route has to be slightly lengthened. I used a sharp hand chisel and easily cut away the 4 mm from each end that was necessary to fit the regulation size Bridge pickup. The screw holes lined up pretty good. I had to file the pickguard slightly as well. Total operation time: about 20 minutes work. Results, Excellent. Musician's Friend has the DP123's for $90. I recommend a new bridge as well. I used a Badass2 on mine, but on my next I will use a Gotoh from http://www.warmoth.com

    Here's mine, note slightly longer bridge pickup:

  3. cheers i apprieciate the reply, i'm pretty clued up on the whole woodworking thing, my dad is really good at that sort of thing,, he does it for a living!, so once i justify the need fo new pickups i'll ask him to help, i also understand the need to file the pick guard route

    but i still need help to source the dp 149's, i'm gonna try here , if anyone can help me get a set either from the uk or the us, i'll be sorted,, thanks alot

    p.s if theres any music shop owners out there who can supply them,, please email, or reply here with the details
  4. thanks,, but i still would like to be able to find a set over her,, and if not,, and i do have to buy them from the us whats the deal??,

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