Dingwall 6 string?

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  1. i was just looking at their site and when you first get to the site they have a bunch of pics of their basses and the people who play them and i've seen the site before and just noticed that they have a 6 string on there that wasn't there before and was just wondering if anyone had heard about this or has any info on it because the dingwall site mentions nothing of it. thanks
  2. I actually played one about a week ago. And in fact I am in the process of ordering a Prima 6 string right now. The C string is 33.25" scale length (to follow the fan properly). I like the neck on the 6 a bit more than the neck on my Dinwall Z2 5 string, cause it is flatter in the upper register than the 5 to give better access to the frets. There is one right now at http://www.bassnw.com/New Exotic Basses/dingwall_voodoo_prima_6_st.htm. The list on this bass is $5285, but BassNW is selling them it at $3799, I believe. Note that this bass has almost every option you can get on the 6 string prima (burl maple top and back, matching headstock, 18V bartolini preamp, pearl bar markers, 24 frets, matching wood knobs, etc.). I attached a couple of pics that Sheldon Dingwall sent me of 6 string Primas with spaulted maple tops. The natural one has a piezo and midi and is totally custom, like body contours and shape and things like that. Oh, and if you want, if you email Dingwall they will send you a price calculator in US dollars. I could send you mine, but it is in CDN dollars, as I live in the "Great White North".

    Hope this helps,
    let me know if you have other questions, I did a lot of research into this order.

  3. Sorry, for some reason I can't attach anything right now, I will put them up in the morning.

  4. Here is the first.

  5. Here is the second.
    This one is more like the one I am ordering, as in the wood and finish, however, the body shape is like the one above.

  6. the pictures didn't load on my computer but i'm sure they're incredible it's just too bad that i didn't see this before my purchase of my peavey!
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    You can't link to pics on your computer. You'll need to attach the files, as opposed to trying to link to them. Please do, I'd love to see the custom 6!
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    Ah, the frustration...
  9. And again.
  10. Here's the other pic. It isn't as custom, but cool.
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    Very nice. Thanks for putting them up! I'm still looking forward to trying a Dingwall someday. I have never seen one in GA, unfortunately.
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    That is one nice bass I have to say. They are quite expensive, aren't they. But the B string should be the tightest around.
  13. They are pretty expensive. My 5 string Dingwall would work out to about $2900 American, but to me it was worth it. And yes, the B strings are tight, my previous bass was a 34" 5 string and the 37" B cannot even be compared, tight, musical, and punchy as opposed to loose, boomy and "rattily".