Dingwall AB-1 Truss Rod

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    Let me caveat by saying I know nothing about bass setup...

    I took my AB-1 to a guitar tech for setup, and he explained to me that he couldn't take all of the bow out of the neck because the truss rod was adjusted as much as possible. The bass plays well, but is there anything I can do to take the rest of the bow out of the neck?
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    Sheldon Dingwall actually takes pride in how well he packs the truss rod during construction. Did the tech do the neck-flex trick while adjusting? How much relief are you seeing now?

  3. Your tech might just be wary of stripping or breaking the rod. Try it yourself, with the wrench supplied by Dingwall. Clockwise for a flatter neck, less relief, and counter to relax the neck for more relief. Try going both ways, it might just be stuck. It should move with a little effort.

    I'm really surprised to hear this, since Dingwall gear is usually flawless. All my Dingwall truss rods have worked perfectly, and rarely need any sort of adjustment, through major year round weather swings. I might touch the rod if I change to a new set of strings.

    Don't hesitate to contact Dingwall, they are great to work with.

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