No longer available Dingwall AB2 Prototype

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  1. LawDog

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    The first Dingwall AB2 - get your hands on a piece of history!

    It is with a heavy heart that I must list this amazing instrument due to current circumstances. This was the prototype for the AB2 line and was acquired by an endorsed artist for touring. I picked it up last spring, had it refurbished and was able to record with it for one of my bands' upcoming album; however life changes require that I free up some cash and rely on my Combustion model for now.

    Has the Aguilar preamp and comes with a Dingwall gig bag. Has a fresh new bridge assembly from Dingwall with less than 2 hours playing time on it. Currently missing one of the control knobs but a fresh new matching set of knobs is on its way from the Dingwall shop. edit: the new control knobs have arrived! new pics with the matching knobs to follow eventually! /edit

    My bathroom scale shows her at a very solid 9.8 lbs - this is before they started doing chambered bodies!

    Shipping can be discussed, there are no CITES issues with this bass.

    Any questions feel free to PM me or comment below.

    20190807_162240.jpg 20190807_162247.jpg 20190807_162303.jpg 20190807_162315.jpg 20190807_162332.jpg 20190807_162254.jpg 20190807_162348.jpg
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  2. EMoneySC2


    Aug 25, 2014
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    I recently bought a Canadian Dingwall from @LawDog. It was packaged well, was shipped promptly, and arrived as-described. Buy with confidence.
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  3. steve_rolfeca

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    Gorgeous bass!

    But no F-hole. Doesn't that make it an AB-1?
  4. LawDog

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    The AB1 models use Alder or Swamp Ash for body wood and have Maple necks, and did not have a preamp option back in 2002 when this one was made :)

  5. ABII's did not always come with F holes. The F holes came along when Sheldon went with walnut bodies, and he made them semi-hollow, which among other things, helped to reduce the weight.

    I owned an ABII that had a solid Mahogany body and Bubinga top and neck. It also had FD1 pups. I miss it.
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    Bubinga neck! :cool: :cool: :cool:
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