SOLD Dingwall ABZ 5 Excellent Condition, Never Gigged!

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    Jan 16, 2017
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    2019 Dingwall ABZ 5 String (made in Canada, serial #6042).

    Completely stock, except for custom options: Trans Black finish and Maple fretboard.
    Comes with all the original accessories: gig bag, wrench kit, and an accessory bag.

    I purchased this brand new for $3000 + TAX, only last November from Axe Palace in Walpole, MA.
    It has never been gigged and not a scratch on it. Original strings, never been changed.
    This beauty has the lowest action of any bass I've ever played, and is a very light 7.6 lbs.
    I have realized that it is more bass than I really need right now (no longer gigging).
    Buy from me and save yourself several hundred $ plus the 6 months wait for a new one from Dingwall!
    Shipping(insured) included, to anywhere in the USA. IMG_1407.JPG IMG_1406.JPG IMG_1405.JPG

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