No longer available Dingwall Afterburner - AB1 - 4 string

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    May 6, 2015
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    Dingwall Afterburner I - I have been the one and only owner of this bass. Purchased new from the old Bass Northwest in early 2011. Fantastic bass, but I'm moving to the shorter scale Super series so this is not getting played and I can't justify keeping it. ONLY trade interest would be a Super P.

    Some particulars:
    Color is Trans Blackburst
    Pickups are FD3-4L
    This is a passive instrument
    Fretboard is Wenge
    Hipshot XTender on the E string
    Comes with the Dingwall wrench set
    Dingwall gig bag
    Extra set of Dingwall nickel strings
    Weight 7lbs 12oz

    Condition is very good. It has some normal finish swirls. There is also what I will call a dullness on the E string side/bridge area where your arm rests when playing. It can be seen at just the right angle and I added two pictures - one you can see it the other not so much.

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. If you are in Canada and want to bring it back to its birth country, PM me to discuss shipping.
    AB1 Front.JPG AB1 Front Body.JPG AB1 Front Head.JPG AB1 Back.JPG AB1 Back Body.JPG AB1 Back Head.JPG AB1 Bag.JPG AB1 Tools-Strings.jpg AB1 Dull Finish.JPG AB1 Dull Area.JPG
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    May 6, 2015
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    Still available!