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Dingwall Afterburner?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Flatwound, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    I really don't get a lot of GAS compared to a lot of guys here (FC? Heavy Duty?), but I've got a case based on the BP review of the Afterburner. I have a five I like quite a bit, but that Dingwall looks killer, and I didn't know Dingwall made a bass that "affordable".

    Anybody got one? What kind of discounts are available thru dealers? Can you only use Dingwall strings or what?
  2. pilotjones

    pilotjones Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    I'm dying to try one, but I've never seen one.

    There's a 5 Afterburner on ebay currently. It's being sold by The Bassplace in Arizona.
  3. Hi:
    I have an Afterburner. I posted a review thread here about 1 month ago.
    I've had it now for about 1 month.
    It is everything the reviewer wrote and more (funny part about the review the reviewer failed to mention that 2 weeks into the review he had to call the Dingwall shop and buy the instrument becuz he couldn't part w/ it).
    The Afterburner have a really focused tone, all the low notes have alot of presence and bite. The passive Bartolinis are also perfect for this bass, you can dial up any of 4 pickup combos and w/ a turn of the tone knob it goes from a realy deep low to a sparkling top end. Very nice. According to Mr Dingwall the new Afterburners will have either the Barts or a custom pickup combo w/ a Dingwall designed tone circuit.
    The fanned frets take about 10mins to get used to, and playing in the higher register requires you to look at your fingers cuz the fanning is steep. What i find really interesting when playing is how uniform the strings feel, what i mean is that it feels like the G-string has equal tension as the B-string and you really don't notice a difference unless you go back and forth between a regular bass (like my fender) and this instrument. What I also like is that the notes just blossom and sustain.
    AS far as discounts, from the places I contacted the cheapest i have found is $1550-1600USD (5-string w/ maple top). On Ebay I have seen auctions going for $1400, (saddly a few Z2s and zebras have gone for this price as well-including Kims Stones z2 2 weeks ago) Otherwise thebassplace in Az has a Blue Afterburner for Ebay right now
    Supposedly there are 4-string versions as well
  4. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    I have a Dingwall, but it is not the afterburner series, it is a Z2. I haven't played an Afterburner, but I really want to, so I won't comment on the bass.

    As for strings, I have only used Dingwall strings, but Sheldon has suggested other strings that would work. You would have to piece together a set, but it shouldn't be that hard. This link is to where Sheldon posted strings that should also work on the basses.


  5. old_skool


    Aug 17, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI
  6. Hi:
    The Dingwall website has not been updated for over 1 yr+.
    There is no mention of Afterburners, Z2 (Zebra2), all the contact info is old and Mr Lambs contact email (he is the business person you must contact to order Dingwall basses) is also outdated.
    Mr Dingwall said they are in the process of getting everything ready for a new website, but he didn't know when it would go online. He also mentioned he is swamped in production, which suggests to me that the website may lag for a while.

    Dingwall strings- similar to what Geoff mentioned, i have also only used Dingwall strings, but there is a post in the string sections in which Mr dingwall suggests a number of alternative strings.. he also mentiond a cmpany(DR) which sells individual B strings which fit and then you can mix-n-match the remaining set

  7. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Frank et al,

    I think the site has not been updated in much longer than that. The latest update I know of is 1999. I know there are a number of things on the site which are no longer accurate. Sheldon is incredibly busy right now. I have no idea when the website will, in fact, be updated.

  8. The Bass Place here in AZ are one of the few places that carry the Afterburners. If you want the fanned fret fingerboard but can't afford the high end Dingwalls then this is the way to go. Check 'em out at www.thebassplace.com


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    Hey Geoff(DingZ2),

    How many piece neck is your Z2? I wanted to ask you last time when we talked about strings for these beast in which we possess, btw, mine is a 9pc maple with a pao ferro board.

  10. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Hey there Devilman. Mine is a 3 piece maple with a wenge fretboard. The website still says 9 piece (like yours) but Sheldon has switched to 3 piece.

  11. Got the green light to pursue the blue one on eBay! I'm on it!
  12. Funky:
    I saw you were the current highest Bidder. I'll cross my fingers for you. If it goes for the current price, it would be an incredibly sweet deal.
    (I hope you didn't jinx yourself on this one by posting here)
    Feel free to email if you want any more scoop on the bass
  13. Yeah, we'll see. All's fair in eBay--I kinda hope for their sake that the bidding activity picks up; but if it doesn't, I'll be a very lucky man.
  14. what exactly are the pickup settings on the afterburner? solo neck, solo bridge, both series and both parallel?
  15. Dancehall:
    The pickup setting are exactly as you listed them.
    Either solo neck, solo bridge (no blending), pickups in series and pickups in parallel.
  16. What are the advantages and drawbacks of the fanned frets?
  17. DUDE:
    You do know why the frets are fanned? Here is a detailed explaination from Mr Novax's site, he invented this fret board.

    It explains the physics of string length and the properties of strings at these given lengths. He also explains about the use of different scale lengths to satisfy each string proper tension and spectrum. Also here is a thread which discusses this

    The only inconvience (no disadvantage) that I've found is that the fanning really gets steep around the15th fret, and you have to look at your fingers to ensure your in the right place. Also the stretch between frets 1, and 3 is monsterous, so you learn to slide/stretch a little more. Other than than the fanned frets have presented no additional challange and are actually easiler on my hands since they angle at a similar angle to your wrists normal position. (the 7th fret is the only fret which is straight up-n-down).
    To me the focus, clarity, and tone of the strings make up for any inconvience the fan frets present.
    Hopefully Geoff or devilman can jump in as well.
    my opinion,
  18. Oh man! This thread has come back to life! Shhhh....
  19. a disadvantage of fanned frets- bending strings is difficult as you have to bend in different directions depending on which way the frets are pointing.
  20. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    As for bending I have not found this. I believe I posted on it before, something to the effect that bending in certain directions at certain points on the fretboard was more effective. The more time I spend playing this bass the more I find that bending is purely relative and that the fanning is not so steep as to cancel out the increse in pitch caused by a bend. Granted in some positions you must bend further.

    Here are what I feel are the real world advantages of this system. Forget the technical mumbo-jumbo, these are reasons why I spent my hard earned money on my Dingwall.

    -tension across the strings is more even. I can dig in as much as I want on any string without sounding farty (especially the B, this was my major complaint against my last 5)

    -tone is even across the strings

    -fanned frets are easier on my wrist

    Really that is all the real advantages I see to myself. I think that this is the best bass for me, for what I need. There are many other wonderful basses out there that I would love to have as well. Now the bass is really great in all departments, so these are just the good qualities that I attribute to the Novax Fanned Frets.

    Also, note that I have not owned or played an Afterburner, and cannot directly comment on it. My Dingwall is a Z2. But I have talked to Frank several times about the bass and he speaks very highly of it, so I do not doubt its quality.


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