SOLD Dingwall Combustion NG2 5 String

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    Used Dingwall Combustion NG2 (Nolly Getgood Signature Bass) in excellent shape. Not much else to say except it is awesome. Dark glass pre amp.

    It has the fanned frets, Because the angled nut & the placement of the bridge the string lengths are: B-37" E-36.25" A-35.5" D-34.75" G-34"

    Not only is the B killer but other strings have incredible clarity.

    The NG-2 has a Darkglass preamp, Bass, mids and treble controls, 4 way pickup selector and 2 humbuckers at the bridge.
    Very small tiny nick on front.

    $1400.00 OBO

    Also comes with gold strap locks. I will throw in the black shoulder strap.

    No Gig bag or case.
    0824161531.jpg 0824161531a.jpg 0824161531b.jpg 0824161532.jpg

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!!!!!!!! WILL NOT SHIP!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Black and maple Nolly = :thumbsup:
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  3. Thank you, she is a pretty bass, but its time to let go.
  4. Brother Goose

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    Wow. I hope to see this bass come up for sale closer to the east coast, someday!

    That's a great value and a serious tool.
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  5. Right On ! Thank you!
  6. Obese Chess

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    Every bass I own has collected dust since I got mine. Good luck with the sale, these are fantastic basses.
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  7. Sold
  8. moosebreath


    Jun 9, 2013
    I bought one just like that 2 weeks ago, used, here in Tampa. One of only about 4 or 5 Dingwalls on nationwide Craigs List. Its a year old and still had the protective wrap on the pic guard. It is a beast! I have an AB2, which I love but this compustion has a bit more definition maybe a bit sharper. Paid $1600 and am happy. Love the bass.