Dingwall, Delay?

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  1. HI, Ive been a longtime lurker here but I thought it was time I show myself as I have a question and I know some people may be able to help?

    I ordered a Combustion back in July though a UK store, and was originally told it would arrive in October? I have now been told it will be here in January. I just wondered if anyone knew of any delays with Dingwall that might be the cause of this?

    I don't want to sound like I'm being difficult and I understand that everybody has delays at some point, but all I've been told by the store that the delay is because my bass is 'Being set up'?

    This just doesn't really ring true as I'm able to set up my own Basses in a couple of hours, and this is now a 3 month set up time. I know there will be a queue and a lot of this is the frustration of waiting longer than expected. If anyone here is having similar troubles or can tell me this is a normal wait time and being told October was just unrealistic that fine, I'm just looking for a straight answer.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds like you're getting a v4 Combustion - from what I've seen on their forums they get about a hundred at a time and set each one up from stem to stern before they ship them out. Here's Sheldon's post about the current batch:

    If you read through that thread, it sounds like they had the manufacturer do some retooling to improve quality and that caused some delays. At this point, I think you're just dealing with the wait time of a smallish, busy, and detail oriented shop. On the bright side, you know they won't let a bad one out of the shop.
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    What he said.

    The first batch wasn't up to Sheldon's exacting standard and were sent back, and every bass is disassembled, fret dressed, reassembled and set up before leaving the shop.

    As a fellow Dingwall owner I can empathize with how agonizing the wait can be, but it's worth it. Every time ;)
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    Yup. I've got a Yellow NG-2 on order, and the ETA is sometime in Feb (One of the posts linked is my asking the same thing).
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    I ordered an AB1 back in February which was originally scheduled for late November/early December but that got pushed to late January/early February. You're not alone.
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    Sounds like you are part of the same batch as me. I ordered a Combustion earlier in the year and it was due in September/October. I heard two days ago that it has just arrived in Australia and should be on its way to me in the next couple of days.
    And yes, each bass is fully set up and checked at the Dingwall factory in Canada. I think with the Combustions USA/Canadian parts are shipped to China for assembly then the assembled basses are carefully checked and setup again in Canada.
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    Sorry for the frustration due to shipments taking longer than expected. I've been waiting on a set of IEM's to show up and it's been painful enough having them delayed by a week. I can't imagine having to wait several months on a bass.

    As MDBass mentioned we're not just doing a setup, we're pulling the necks off, re-leveling the frets, crowing and polishing, fine tuning the nut slots, going through every solder joint, setting action and intonation and in some cases installing pre-amps that weren't ready in time. Add to that the factory lead time doubled this year so our predictions based on past history have been completely off. We're doing our best to get these out as fast as we can but not at the expense of quality.
  9. Tim1


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    And the personal attention from Sheldon, the emphasis on quality with no compromise and the courtesy of his reply are just some of the reasons why I am fast becoming a Dingwall fanboy - and I have not even received my bass yet!:)
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    Ordered mine in August and was told early next year for delivery. It's been a painfully long wait, and I expect it may be bumped back further, but it'll be totally worth it I'm sure.

    I can't wait!
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    Ordered my Z2 early September with a projected build time of 7-9 months. After an initial period of super-anxiety I've settled down and have adapted the "it will be here when it's here" approach - I trust those in the driver's seat.

    Mind you, I've enrolled in a bass building course (starting 27 Jan, ending 23 June) to give me an idea of what is involved. Might end up with one fantastic instrument and one that's out of this world at just about the same time ;)

    Merry Christmas and a great 2015, everyone!

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    Update - just received the tracking number for my Combustion, it is flying over the water as we speak. Unfortunately with it being Christmas no doubt I will have to wait a while for it to clear customs. George at Bass Gear Direct has just received a consignment so maybe yours is in there, NoBueno...???
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    I'm sorry sir, but you'll need to move this to the effects forum

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    As much as news of my impending Combustion would be all my Christmas dreams come true, sadly, I think mine is due on the next shipment, in which case I quietly urge Sheldon to fast-track my order with all my sweet-talking ability, so that I too can play this wondrous bass.

    Also, I curse myself for not placing an order for mine several months earlier...

    P.s Sheldon, did I ever tell you how awesome you are? 'cause You're pretty awesome and I'd like my new bass soon...
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    According to the Bass Gear Direct facebook page George still has one Combustion currently in stock and available.......
  16. It's nice to have an answer for this. I understand, I have absolutely no problem with this, I understand there are problems.

    It good to know that there is a good reason and that care is being taken in the production, my frustration was more at the vague reply I received. I will continue to wait patiently for this to arrive. Thanks every one for you replies.
  17. Watching the Nolly Getgood/Sheldon Dingwall interview that has been shared in the Dingwall Owners thread will help.

    It'll be worth the wait.
  18. Good news everyone. Its has arrived. I picked it up about 10 days ago.

    I love it, the blue looks amazing. After a minor truss rod adjustment to clear some fret Buzz it is perfect. It's sounds so thick and round but isn't boomy or harsh.

    Much love to Dingwall.
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    Sounds like I'd rather be one of his customers than one of his suppliers! :)