Dingwall Droc 5 v NG3

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  1. Snake101st


    Sep 5, 2007
    Hey how's it going? I saw a few threads but nothing really conclusive about the Droc, just "it's better than the tbird ergonomically!"

    I'm going back and forth between a Droc 5 and an NG3 for a more comfortable and similar to what I'm used to thing... but the Droc 5 in blue-purple is super tempting and really calling my name looks-wise.

    I just remember not liking the TBird I tried years ago at all, and I wear my basses (tony Franklin fretless PJ, Jaguar, short scale stingray, and Spector Legend 5) high so they're positioned about the same as when I'm sitting down for ergonomic reasons. Wondering if you all would think that'd look or feel goofy or if I should be worried about first and upper feet access + overall ergonomics. Unfortunately there are no shops closer than 2 hrs away that stock Dingwalls, so I can't try them both myself to compare.

    I do tend to play prog and experimental stuff, so I'm kind of iffy on only have 20 frets (and limited access past what looks like 16ish) vs 24 (it'd be nice to have one w 24) on the droc, and can go either way on the active aspect. I don't really like the preamp and pups on my Spector and don't have any experience with a dark glass TC.

    Does any of this cause and strong reactions that should make me lean one way over the other? It's basically looks in favor of the Droc (which is not a small thing, really) and everything else for the NG3, and yet I still feel pulled to the Droc haha

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  2. CoarseBass


    Dec 28, 2002
    I've got a DROC 4 - upper register access is actually surprisingly good, in my opinion. Your thumb stops relatively high on the neck based on the the shape of the heel/neck/body joint, but I still find it natural and comfortable all the way to the end of the fretboard, particularly on the ADG strings; E is a bit more of a stretch. I'm also consistently impressed by how musical it sounds up there - I bought a Dingwall for the low notes, but since my first NBD noodling, I've been impressed by the upper register tone and playability.

    I do find myself missing a few frets, though... my main players have 22, and I've got basses with 21 and 24, haven't had a 20 fret bass in a long time. I'm never doing anything productive at the 24th, but I am surprised at how often I need to snag a 21 or 22 and it just isn't there. I make do with octaves; when you're talking an A that high up on the neck, I find the 'choked' tone a bass gets in that register/position works out even if you're lower than planned.

    The real solution... get both. I'm strongly eyeballing a NG3 5 string. Hoping to snag a yellow one.
  3. How high?

  4. Snake101st


    Sep 5, 2007
    Hah! Nothing that crazy. More in keeping with this:

    I often play in classical position while sitting too, since I have a background in classical guitar and jazz bass, and my instructors were very strict :p
  5. Snake101st


    Sep 5, 2007
    This is great feedback. So you don't think the d-roc will sit oddly standing with it strapped up in a decently high "as if you're sitting" position?

    Maybe I just need to go for the one I have a line on, and worst case I can sell it for about what I paid since they're so hard to find in stock...
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