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  1. Has a bass player in this realm had an opportunity of playing a Dingwell Fretless I'm currently searching for a 5 string fretless and the only 5 string I've played where the B string has a solid feel have been the Dingwalls. Pretty hard finding one I can acually play and feel so I need a little experience from the good folks here in bass land before I think of ordering one. Acully any feed back on a 5 string fretless would be much appreciated.
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    I remember there was a white 8 string Fretless (lined) Conklin that had the Ralph Novak fanned system... I think that it was a single pup-wired to jack (no electronics) set up.

    Jauqo might have owned it, ask him.
  4. Yes....
    I have a Dingwall Fretless bass.
    Sheldon has only made a few of them, so your prolly not gonna find them available IIRC, Sheldon mentioned that most people want his fretted basses and learning great intonation on a Novax fingerboard would be a task -hence he doesn't make a bunch.
    That said, After i bought my first Dingwall and found out how great a bass it was, I thought about how great my fretted would translate into a fretless and in this regards Sheldon made me a Fretless Afterburner w/ an epoxy coated finger board-LINED.

    You can read about a full review in the link

    I will tell you that my fretless bass sounds like Dingwall afterburner w/ Mwah (not alot of it but enuf), its punchy, aggressive, and articulate.
    Additionally Sheldon has made a semihollow bass w/ a piezo bridge which might be suited for a more organic fretless tone.

    if you have specific question feel free to ask, or contact Mr Dingwall

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    I was the original owner(I may be getting it back) of the now Infamous 8 string Fanned fretless Conklin(I think it was Conklin's first Fanned Fretless)with the Novax system,it was tuned Low F# to high F and it played very well,the three lower Strings(F# B E)were very nice and pronounced not to tight and not floppy at all,and the Bass had one pickup and one volume knob(I'ts a bass that I very much regret having got rid of,but it was getting very heavy,it's solid maple,and it has a natraul finish.not white)whether your fretless has the Novax Fanned system or not you still have to place some focus and dedication to intonation anyway and I'm speaking after having a Fanned Fretless fingerboard and playing about 90% fretless anyway.if you get a fretless 6 string with a low B you can look at it as when you're playing on the B and E strings it is then a 35' scale fretless and when you're using the other strings you're playing a 34' scale basss,thats pretty much what it would be anyway.and I have a Dindwall fretted Voodoo and it has some of the best balance when it comes to overall string and tone projection.
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    See I knew my memory wasn't entirely failing me...


    I remember it being on eBay a while back and somewhere in the item description it said '...are you man enough?...'

    I always thought that was cool.