SOLD Dingwall NG2 2017 (Version 2 Model)

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    This is a recently purchased 2017 Model ("Version 2") NG2. The changes in Version 2 are: rounded pickup shells, improved bridge, and it is routed to easily pop in a third pickup if you want to change it into a X3 model. (I purchased a third pickup from Dingwall and will throw that in for free.) I currently own 4 Dingwalls and bought this as a replacement for my other NG2 while it was in Tennesse for several months getting retrofitted with FretTrax. That bass has returned to me so this is now an extra that duplicates my other NG2. It was only played on a couple of gigs. It does have a very tiny ink spot on the front (see photo). Also, I took it out to look at it today and the Ducati white lacquer has "aged" a bit in color (see photos). Dingwall says this is normal lacquer "yellowing." It is very subtle and actually I like it. It also has a tiny ding on the headstock that is unnoticeable unless you look closely (see photo).
    Also included is a custom real carbon fiber pickguard made by Mike Quick. It is stunning. (See photo) I wanted a pickguard without the vents so it will come with the bass.
    If you don't already know, the demand for NG2 basses far exceed supply, and they sell almost immediately in retail stores. And this new Version 2 model is even harder to come by. I've heard reports of wait time for a version 2 is May 2018.

    $1,550 shipped CONUS.

    More photos to follow shortly..


    15060248689180.jpg 15060248690291.jpg 15060248690712.jpg 15060248690933.jpg 15060248691434.jpg 15060248691855.jpg 15060248692586.jpg 15060248694167.jpg 15060248694508.jpg 15060248694909.jpg 15060248695610.jpg 15060248695610.jpg headstock2.jpg
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    This is such a tempting deal. If I was in the states I couldn't pass this up.