SOLD Dingwall NG3 modded - now shipping

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  1. husky123


    Jul 6, 2006
    Leesburg, VA
    This is a very unique Dingwall. As far as I know, this was the first NG2 that was converted to an NG3 before the factory went this direction.

    It started life as a standard NG-2, and the third pickup and individual series/parallel switches were added by Mo, the head tech over at Nordstrand: the work is so clean, you'd never know it didn't arrive that way from the factory.

    Never, ever thought I'd sell this one, it's a joy to play and absurdly versatile, but need some cash at the current moment.

    This bass has series/parallel switches for each pickup as well as an active/passive toggle. Look closely, this is not a closet queen. It is a player and has a few big ole dings. The wince from the dings usually goes away the minute you hear this bass. I've owned quite a few Dingwall basses and none sound like this one. It's definitely special. Currently, I have the pick guard off the bass but the original (spray bombed black) will go with the sale. I also upgraded the stock, smoked chrome tuners and bridges with USA Hipshot Ultralites tuners (with drop tuner) and black individual bridges. The nut was cut for BEAD but this bass easily plays and is strung currently for E standard.

    Price is $1800 shipped to the lower 48, no trades and PayPal is fine. Thanks.

    This bass was previously owned by @MDBass and maybe he'll be kind enough to add some of his incredible sound clips from this monster.


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  2. EMoneySC2


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    I know that bass! Here's an old @MDBass video with it:

    Skip to 36 minutes. This is the video that spawned a favorite Dingwall related quote: "if the Music Man bass worshiped a god, it'd be this bass" ... and this is THAT bass :thumbsup:

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  3. MDBass

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    Sound clips, as requested :cool:

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  4. xnewyorka

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    Jun 26, 2006
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    @husky123 and @MDBass were not kidding - this bass is WICKED!!!!
    It doesn't just punch you in the gut, it punches you in the gut and then it drop kicks you in the face while you are bent over reeling from the gut punch!

    My ears have been ringing continuously since I got it. And I wish I were kidding...
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  5. husky123


    Jul 6, 2006
    Leesburg, VA
    I told ya! That one is a special beast. Glad you got it...enjoy!
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