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    Up for sale is an absolute mint Dingwall NG3 in Metallic Black flake. Sorry for the bedsheet pictures but the finish is so beautiful I had to find a way to cut down on the glare. But she does look pretty sexy laying there! :roflmao::drool:

    Anyway, this one has the D-Bird/D-Roc pickup rotary selector. You get all 3, middle, middle and bridge, and bridge.
    Darkglass 3 band preamp
    Active/passive switch
    Dunlop strap lock pins
    Smoked hardware
    Spacing is 18mm I believe and nut is 1.8.
    9.6 pounds!
    Alder body, 3 piece Canadian maple neck
    Setup in standard tuning.
    Crazy nice bass.

    Does not have Dingwall gig bag, during this production they weren’t shipping with them so I have a ProTek well padded bag for it.

    Looking for outright sale, shipping included.

    However I will trade for:

    -Spector Euro 4 LX in matte black or matte blue/black either 34” or 35” scale

    -Dingwall NG2 or NG3 4 string

    -Dingwall D Roc 4 in black or blue shift

    Don’t know if anything else would be of interest but if it’s similar value and tone as I listed or if you are willing to add cash for something a little less in value I will entertain.

    Not interested in vintage style or sounding instruments, just not my sound or style, sorry.

    I don’t have the Allen tools, but chances are you have the same size from another bass or in an Allen set.

    PM questions, trade interests or offers please.

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