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Dingwall SuperJ bass on EBAY

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FCM3, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. WOW- its saddenes me to see this, but someones loss is another persons gain.
    For all those talkin Dingwall smack heres your chance to get a SuperJ, and be one of about 5 in the world right now.
    Looks at that price as well, its less than 1/2 of what these are selling for


    I have no affiliationw/ the seller , i just saw this....
  2. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD

    Feb 20, 2005
    Seweracuse, NY
    Hey Frank, that's the same one that was up for grabs at the Dudepit...

    It's a great deal for someone who's in the market but maybe is a bit nervous about the 37 inch scale of other Dingwalls. Not to mention the fact that this model's been a super high interest bass for Sheldon.

    Have at it people!

  3. g00eY


    Sep 17, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    at first i thought it was the same one as in your avatar. then i looked again and realized the difference. lol.
  4. lamborghini98

    lamborghini98 The Aristocrats

    May 1, 2005
    NYC; Portland, OR
    Theres really that few Super J owners? I really wanted one when I was looking for a new bass, but wanted a nice wood top really badly. I think a Dingwall is next on my list.
  5. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    The bass has only been out for a few months. I remember when I was at Sheldon's shop in late September that he had just finished a prototype (one of the final ones). I wonder what happened to that bass... cause it was sweet!
  6. Smallmouth_Bass


    Dec 29, 2005
    Beautiful bass.

    Maybe one day I'll get a SuperP if they ever make one.
  7. smallmouth-
    Yes Dingwall will have a P-bass model as well. I got the inside scoop :^)

    I just can't believe the price of that SuperJ, its a full 1K below selling price
  8. Matt Call

    Matt Call Supporting Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Man. I really want to try one of these out. I need to get a jazz-style bass; but I want something 'different' than a standard jazz.

    I know that fanned-frets probably wouldn't take that much to adjust to; but I want to be sure before I just jump into it.
  9. Won't last long huh?....Check the auction folks....took the plunge!! :hyper: I trusted FCM3 on this one, I hope he's not the sellers brother-in-law!;) I had ordered a Carvin XB76P and it was in transit and it was bothering me. You see, all of my basses are worth at least what I paid for them.(check my gear in my profile) I would've taken a huge bath on the resale of that Carvin. that's what was bothering me. I have a 10 day return policy on the Carvin, which I am going to use (...well probably):bag: I am learning slap and wanted a 4 string active jazz for that task. I just hope I can get used to the fanned frets. I've read up on these and most people say the adjustment is not as bad as you think. If worse comes to worse, I can get my investment back right? C'mon guys...I am gonna have a big buyers hangover in the morning! Make me not regret it. Too late though, payment has already been sent!

    I think I'm just gonna refuse the Carvin when it gets to my door. Wat ya think?

    Sorry for the long post.....I'm STOKED!!!!:bassist:

    PS. I bought a gold Talkbass membership today. What a great day for bass! Talkbass RULES!
  10. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD

    Feb 20, 2005
    Seweracuse, NY

    You just got one of the best deals I've ever seen. You certainly won't regret it. If you do decide several months down the line that you don't dig it like you thought, gimme a PM.

    Congratulations, you've just bought an amazing bass.
  11. Smallmouth_Bass


    Dec 29, 2005
    Yeah, I noticed in the Dingwall forum that they are considering a P-style version, with a larger neck and body type. If I had the money (and I don't), I would even consider a Jazz style body with split P neck pickup like yours and a wider and thicker neck. I've always loved the look of a Jazz, but never liked the feel of the necks.

    In any case, I find that the Afterburners that I have can get all the sounds that I would want or need, so a SuperP or slightly modified SuperJ is just dream talk.
  12. Mitch-
    First off- Congrats, you've got the deal of a lifetime, you'll have NO problem selling this bass for exactly what you paid for it.
    Second, you should have NO issues w/ playing the fanned freboard, it will take 2mins max to get used to
    3rd, play the carvin, then play the SuperJ, then pack the carvin back up-my opinion.
    You won't find another bass w/ the fit, finish, and attention to detail than what Sheldon builds. As for a 4 string slap bass, you got one, the SuperJs were designed to give the fender on steriods tone. Its got a Jaco-esque rear p'up thats growly an burply, and in series mode this bass just kills- tone nirvana.

    Go back and find my original thread on the description of the superJ bass, you'll see all the testing and concept that went into having this bass made.
    Lastly, please do sign up over at the dingwall forum, we'd love more superJ owners to jump on board
    (PS the sellers brother-in-law- thats funny)
  13. RunngDog


    Jan 22, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    I think this bass was a good deal for the buyer, but I question this comment. In my own experience, Dingwalls sell at places like Bass NW or Bass Central for 25-30% below the so-called retail list. On a Super J with a retail list of $2861 (according to the Bass Central site), that would translate into an actual selling price in the $2,000 - $2,200 range -- against which the $1700 eBay price translates into a good discount for a used bass -- but not necessarily the "deal of a lifetime" (though I would certainly agree that it will be quite some time before Super J's become common enough that one can expect to find many with a used discount at all).

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what these are actually selling for at retailers like Bass NW or Bass Central?
  14. Thanks Frank and Bill for the vote of confidence! I spoke with the seller this morning and he knew the bass was listed at a good price (Bass NW had advised him to ask $1799), he was just glad someone else could enjoy it and give it a good home.
    Dog, I understand your point, but I wasn't in the deal because of the perceived "1/2 price" concept. I make my purchases based on value and trade/resale value. That bass is definately worth the asking price and should hold a good bit of that price for awhile.(maybe more being the 1st run of super j's eh, Frank?). I had purchased the Carvin on impulse after seeing it in their "in stock " section online as I had been loking for a six with a sort of jazz/music man feel, and the Carvin seemed to fit the bill. The decision never sat right with me because of my usual buying practices. I also had an active jazz 4 string on my list for slap for sometime, and I had been eyeing those super j's by Sheldon Dingwall. When FCM3 pointed out that auction, I didn't even think twice, the Carvin is going back!:D I would've taken a huge bath on that thing "if" I ever wanted to sell it, which I may have never sold it. However, the addition of the Dingwall to my stable is more in line with the trade/resale of my other equipment, at least my basses, that is...:) Sorry for the long post, justvery excited!
  15. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD

    Feb 20, 2005
    Seweracuse, NY
    I think something that's not quite translating from RD's post is that if you were to compare new price to used price for most booteeek basses, you'll see the kind of rampant depreciation of value that would make $2000-2200 basses turn into $1000-1400 basses once they're out of the 'showroom'.

    One of the nice features of Dingwalls is that the resale value is MUCH better than some of the other 'big name' high end basses. Fer instance, I paid $1600 for my AB1 new, and (god forbid) if I went to sell it, I wouldn't take anything less than $1200, and probably would ask $1400 for it and feel pretty confident about that price. Honestly, it speaks wonders for the quality of these basses and the esteem in which players hold them.

    The real thing is that not many come up for sale, and when they do...they go for real money.
  16. RunngDog


    Jan 22, 2003
    Chicago, IL
    Laklandman - Don't get me wrong, I think you got a very fair deal, and perhaps more importantly, a very rare deal -- given the scarcity of Super J's at this point, it could be a year or more before another one hits the used market at any price, let alone a fair discount from new. And I agree totally that your financial exposure on this deal is absolutely minimal -- you could probably sell it in the classifieds here for more than what you paid in less than 24 hours. I was only reacting to some of the "half the selling price" or "deal of a lifetime" hyperbole elsewhere in the thread.

    Regarding "rampant depreciation" of used basses, I think there are a number of other basses in this middle price range -- Sadowsky, Suhr, Roscoe, Zon, etc. -- that hold their value pretty well, i.e., don't typically lose more than 25% off the street price in the used market. Not really sure about the upper end stuff, Foderas, Alembics, and so forth . But I agree that Dingwalls seem to do especially well in the used market - I recently sold an ABII-5 for only a bit less than I paid for it new (thanks to its truly mint condition and Sheldon's change of prices during the 1+ year I owned it).