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    British Columbia
    This bass is a really cool piece of history, an original Prima, hand-made by Sheldon Dingwall (the records burned with his shop in the 90's, but they figure it was made in 1994).

    There have been some subtle refinements in his basses over the years, but you can tell when you play it that his vision has been consistent from the very beginning - at almost 30 years old it's still comparable to my modern Z.

    If money were no object I would absolutely keep it, but with our first child on the way and other life stuff coming up I have to let it go.


    The body is a walnut core, with a madrone (arbutus) burl top and back.

    It has a 9-piece multi-laminate maple neck with 2-octave Pau Ferro fretboard.

    Kahler bridge, Sperzel locking tuners.
    Dingwall FD1 pickups, with Bartolini 2 band preamp with Push/Pull active/passive volume and a pan control. I can include the original Bartolini pickups with the sale.

    I had the body refinished by Dingwall in 2018 - Paul Hillacre is killing it with the Dingwall finishes these days and did an incredible job with the matte vintage brown burst. I'll include a few pics, the one on the sheepskin rug is how it looks under most conditions. The other is a refinishing shot from Dingwall, and the last is under full natural sunlight.

    $3250 obo plus shipping. Price is in USD.


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    I like this ......
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    Damn :/ why ya doin this to me!
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