dirty roll... (a lil language)

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  1. deepbob


    Oct 3, 2001
    left field
    >> dirty roll (mp3)


    while i don't quite understand
    all those things in your hand
    like the face of your plan
    and the Man that you stand

    i know the church
    where all the lurkers will play
    and i know the things
    that you'll likely say

    but please bear with me
    - bear with me, if you will -
    for there's a number of things,
    that i'd like to distill,

    ergo, hiding from the man
    there's a place i need to go
    and i really don't give one ****
    whether you're going to let me go,

    while you talk of heavan,
    go do what you do, to get fed
    play me the clean "L7"
    while i roll in the dirt instead...