Disappointed with P Deluxe?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jsonnenblick, Jul 24, 2001.

  1. Hi. I have a Fender American P Deluxe, which I bought for its supposed great versatility. However, after playing it for a couple of months, I'm still unhappy with one aspect: its lack of a good slap sound. Soloing the bridge pu yields a tone with very little bottom end, no matter what I do with the EQ. Blending in the neck pu doesn't help. . .

    Any thoughts/opinions?

    BTW, this is not an inherent weakness of p/j pickup placements; I own a p/j Riverhead bass that ROCKS for slapping. But somehow the p/humbucker setup is not makin' it for me.
  2. craigb

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    I passed through the American P Deluxe station a while ago. I don't slap so I can't help you there but I also found myself dissatisfied with it after a period of time. Although it could do a reasonable P-bass sound (I think the preamp took away a little something) and add some growl with the humbucker I just wasn't satisfied. I think that the Hotrod P is a better setup - the single coil J pickup just has more bite. If I were to get another Fender the Hotrod would be the one.

    I personally moved on to a G&L L2000 which I loved but didn't keep (it didn't fit my hands) and ended up a jazz pickup configuration bass. I think a single coil (or possibly humbucking jazz-style) bridge pickup provides the most bite/spank. The L2000 did well in series mode but still wasn't as sharp as my current bass with single coil jazz pickups.

    I wanted to answer you as another person who ended up passing on the Am P Deluxe but you can take my comments with a (large) grain of salt as I am not a slapper.