For Sale/Trade Dismantling a pedalboard sale: OmniCab clone, Rafferty HPF, transparent active DI

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by moon-bass, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Because 4 pedal boards is kind of ridiculous for me ...

    I'm dismantling a board and consolidating, and am putting a bunch of good stuff up for sale. Most of these have original boxes, etc.

    Free the Tone Black Vehicle OD/Distortion - killer pedal, thick drive with clean blend - $270 SOLD

    T-Rex Quint Octave - octave up/down, 5th - very versatile, great tracking - $120 SOLD

    Abduction Audio DSM OmniCab Delixe clone - high quality clone - 1/4 inputs and outputs only (no DI). Plenty of gain and punch for days - $115

    EWI Active DI - super transparent active DI, battery or phantom power - never used - $50

    Hotone Omni IR - speaker sim and EQ in one. I have three, keeping two - never gigged, used for maybe 1 hour - $100 SOLD

    Rafferty HPF/Pre - racing green - I never took this out of the house, but it has some paint chips. Note this has no markings - it came that way from Rafferty - I can provide original paper work if needed - $80

    Trades? EHX Hum Debugger, Gruv Gear Gig Blade. +- cash as needed. I'm not looking for anything else, but hmu worst I could say is no. I'm not looking for any fuzz, but would be interested in a mini OD with a clean blend

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