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distortion that only effects half the signal?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by DownFromTheSky, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hi this is my first post. I was wondering if their was a distortion/overdrive pedal that only effected half the signal you send into it. let me explain, is their a way to break it into two paths and one that is above say, 300hz gets distorted, and one below 300hz doesn't. Then they get put back together and you have no bottom end loss at all? it seems like every distortion pedal has some amount of low end loss but if you could do it this way you wouldn't?
  2. Something with a wet/dry blend and some sort of low/high pass filter. The Ashdown James Lomenzo Hyperdrive should do this.
  3. Check out the VFE Triumvirate. It does just what you're mentioning and sounds awesome!
  4. Welcome to Talkbass!

    I'm not that familiar with distortions, but I've tried a lot of overdrives and the only one I can think of that comes close would be the Empress Multidrive. (?) Other than that one, I think your best bet might be to find an overdrive with a blend control, or an on-board EQ to retain (or even boost) the lows.

    Check out a Catalinbread SFT or Tubeworks BlueTube (two of my favorites), Doug's Darkglass B3K is the current hotness (and for a good reason!), a VT Bass, OLC Flipster, Hartke VXL Bass Attack (don't laugh, it's seriously good... permanently in my home rig) or one of the other "preamp" type dirt pedals... Rusty Box, Sansamp BDDI, even a Tone Hammer.

    I've owned all of these at one point and they're all great pedals, no problems with low end at all. The VXL can get HUGE... clip here if you're interested.

  5. All right thanks, ill have a look at that. Seems like more of these type of pedals should be made
  6. Interesting! Never even heard of that one! Sounds like a winner for your requirements, Down!

  7. first time I had heard of that one to, thanks for telling me about that one.
  8. And fivestringgecko, Ive looked at the Darkglass B3K and seriously want one thanks for reminding me haha
  9. wmheilma


    Jan 5, 2010
    The old SGX Nightbass preamp has built-in effects crossover you can use to do different things to the highs and lows. You could get one for next to nothing these days.
  10. Vlad5

    Vlad5 Chronic Knob Twiddling Tone Chaser

    Feb 17, 2011
    New England
    +1... I had one and it was perfect for what your talking about, and inexpensive! (but large)


    FEA Dual Band Distortion
    Iron Ether QF2
  11. megafiddle


    May 25, 2011
    You may not need something that separates high and low frequencies. Just something
    that gives you a mix of dry and distorted signal.

    You can limit the signal going in so it only has mainly low frequencies. You can do this
    with pickup selection, tone controls, playing technique, etc.
    Use that original dry signal to supply the bottom.

    The distorted signal will provide the high frequency components, they are created
    by the distortion process. You don't have to supply them in the original signal.
    Then just mix them in.

    Also you are usually better off using a signal with mainly lows and little highs when
    driving a distortion. Highs can cause dissonant sounds in the distorted signal.
  13. yaksonator

    yaksonator Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2011
    Branson, MO
    Empress multi drive has hi/lo pass filters for each distortion. I own it and love it.
  14. LS-2 and any drive is the answer
  15. fasto


    Mar 4, 2007
    Amsterdam, NL
    +1 on the Boss LS-2, a better blend pedal would be the Xotic X-Blender (it has a phase invert switch)

    or wait until march 2013 when MXR is releasing their new Bass Overdrive (separate wet/dry control)
  16. sprag


    Sep 15, 2011
    Melb Australia
    iron ether qf
    splits into 4 bands I think you can put as much or little dirt on each band as you like. don't own one so not certain if you can run a band completely clean or not. I have tried one at a store. sound is unbelievable and I do plan on getting one soon.
  17. Dark Barn

    Dark Barn Supporting Member

    Aug 3, 2010
    Actually the drive knob (and boost switch) affects the amount of dirt in each band equally, the band level knobs affect the volume of each band, not how dirty they are. The mix knob blends in your clean signal with the affected signal.
  18. Bakkster_Man


    Jan 15, 2006
    The brand new Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi has a crossover to let you pass only low frequencies through clean and only highs into the distortion, both filters adjustable independently.

    However, that's fuzz, not sure if you want something that aggressive.