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Distortion with wah samples

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Vosk, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Anyone willing to share their distortion avec wah tone clips?

    Post what tone boxes you are using. Please.

    EDIT: If someone could do a few with dunlop crybaby 105q, like the Fulltone, that would be tops.
  2. Im pretty sure that a short clip i posted in my Weeping Demon review thread should still be in there. Search "Deeping Wemon" (i know, spelt like that as a joke :))

    DarkHarted might have some aswell?....

  3. this clip contains distorted wah (2nd part of clip)

    method to the madness is as follows (3 amp setup):
    channel 1: clean bass
    channel 2: modded brassmaster fuzz copy -> 105Q wah
    channel 3: aphex punch factory -> original marshall guvnor -> 105Q wah

    it was recorded in my dorm room on m laptops built in microphone using 3 20watt practice amps...so its clearly not the best quality, but u can get the idea

  4. Now THAT is what I'm talking about.

    How exactly is it recorded? Is it layerd on top of each other I guess?

    How much of the sound is guvnor and how much is fuzz copy?
  5. Which gives that Timmy C sound (which you achieved very well imo) more - the marshall or the brassmaster copy? Are they both necessary in that recording, or is the marshall by itself good enough?
  6. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
  7. glad u guys like my stuff...and that was obviously a pretty bad recording

    im using a warwick thumb bolt on w/ d'addario chomes flatwounds...the methodology to the sound is as such...

    clean sound - staight up bass to amp...in a larger setup, i add an ehx black finger for a bit of warm compression, but nothing too much...the clean sound is the most prominent sound...ur aim with the distortion is to add to the clean sound...its not adding clean to the distortion to make it thicker...its adding distortion to the clean to make an already thick tone grittier

    the brassmaster copy is my main distortion...its the closest to the timmy c (in audioslave) sound...this one (w/o the clean) i have set to sound almost like a detuned distorted guitar...the verse in just about any heavy audioslave song i can essentially double by using this pedal ("gasoline" being the target sound)...its a very low/mid sounding fuzz, not an awful lot of treble going on in it...the wah for that signal is also tuned to focus more on the mids

    the guvnor - if ur aiming for vintage timmy c ala evil empire - this is obviously ur choice...i moved it to my 3rd channel after building the fuzz because i just liked it better...this channel has a bit more treble character in the distortion and actually a bit more full of a sound than the brassmaster copy (which is really just a nasty fuzz sound)...i must still stress that neither of the 2 distortion channels sound good on their own, but when layered, it all comes together...this channel is for when i need to max out my distortion sound (i.e. during a guitar solo, or a heavy riff doubling a distorted guitar...think "gasoline" chorus and solo as opposed to the verse)...the compressor in here was simply to neaten things up...i found a got a good bit of mud from the guvnor, but, by feeding it a really compresses signal, it got tighter...the wah in this channel is tuned to higher frequencies than the 2nd channel

    i recorded all 3 channels @ the same time...just stomped on my splitter, hit the record button and started playing...id say the ratio of brassmaster to guvnor is about 60/40...but most of the sound is actually clean...ill record a clip later this week of the same riff played w/ all 3 channels, and then w/ the clean amp off and ull be shocked at the difference...again, as far as which channel is more timmy c-like, they r equal IMO (brassmaster = audioslave, guvnor = RAtM evil empire)...i much prefer the sound of the brassmaster...its my main distortion sound - the guvnor just makes it thicker and louder...and as far as i'm concerned, for me, they r both necessary...but u can get darn close to it w/ a brassmaster copy or even a depth charge...id still run a clean amp under it tho cuz i cant seem to ever get the right ratio of clean to dirty just using the "blend" knob

    sorry for the REALY long post lol

    ill have more clips up soon of stuff like just clean + channel 2 or even clean + channel 3 (for u vintage timmy c fans)
  8. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Banned

    Feb 5, 2006
    West Coast of Canada
    Here's the Fuzz/Wah stuff I posted in the "Post Your Pedalboard" thread:
    The order of FX is: English Muff'n -> Dime Crybaby From Hell -> SansAmp PDDI
  9. Ah k thanks. That would be great.
  10. more?

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