Ditto X2 mods (or just send me the right way)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was hoping that someone knows of some Ditto X2 mods that allow the effects to be triggered with a foot switch individually.

    I keep asking about modding pedals so if anyone knows a specific pedal modding facebook group or forum I'd love to know about it.

    Cheers, Sam.
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    You'll need a ditto x4 if you want a dedicated stop and effect button. If you needed a switch to toggle between options Id think you can rip it open and add something but might as well just go to x4 which is designed to be able to use your foot w the dial. Honestly though for that kind of work and expense you probably be better just going w a looper that foes what you want or has MIDI control.
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  3. Bugger, I though as much but I just had a X2 come up insanely cheap and I picked it up.

    I think I'll have to get an infinity looper, they're just so expensive in Australia
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    MuffWiggler has some helpful stuff too, but tends to lean more towards synth
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