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DIY 3x8"+1x10"

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mr. voodoobass, May 14, 2005.

  1. well, i´m about to build me a 4x8" cab using eminence alpha 8´s.
    i´ve used them in a 1x8" cab before and it sounded nice(but without any volume to speak about) and had that edgy feel i like.
    i know raezerz-edge are using them in their 2x8" guitar cabs and some
    T-Basser had them in their ampeg 4x8". they seem to be working.
    i plan to build it sort of vertikal in the size of a 2x12" guitar cab
    and was planning to change one of the 8´s for a 10".
    i was thinking of delta 10" as some people seem to like them for their lower mids (which the 8´s somehow lacks).
    all will be mounted in the same chamber and be tuned to 67Hz @ 100liters.
    i will be pushing it with a V-4BH and perhaps paring it with another one if it works out fine.

    i´m really open for suggestions now. :)
  2. The splayed vertical array is less problematic than the square 4x type, but is still an issue. A vertical array should be truly vertical, and the drivers squeezed as tightly together as possible.

    I have no experience with Alpha 8, and do not like Delta 10 for anything except a PA system.

    I picked up (4) Alpha 6 for a vertical array as the high portion of my bi-amp rig. It will stand along side a Magnum 18LF that I currently have. The sizing will allow it to run with a future idea about a pair of 2x12 Omega Pro. These combintations will give the bottom that is missing from the Delta and Alpha 8.
  3. if i wouldn´t be getting enough bottom i had some plans for pairing it with a 1x12" deltaLF.
  4. bump.
  5. The Clap

    The Clap

    Jan 5, 2004
    Scottsdale, AZ
    You're definitely going to want more bottom with those speakers, especially at moderate gig level. For a 10, the delta has a small Xmax and won't help you out much either once you're playing at volume. It may sound very nice as a somewhat loud bedroom speaker though. Report back and say how it went, this could be a good learning experience
  6. yes, i guess so. i have been using the 1x8" i built out of a alpha 8 on different occacions.
    with different amps and during recording. it sounds a little harsh or in the top end when pushed with some amps. but on the other hand articulate and grinding when being heavily overdriven. they get down to around 50hz but lacks some lowmids but with more drivers it should be punchier(phil jones) but i´m not sure yet...
    i guess the "smartest" and most compact would be to build a cab with one 8(sealed) and one delta 12LF(ported). but i like those 8´s :meh:

    i just wanted to know if anyone had been doing something similar.
    thanx anyway!
  7. Have you considered bi-amping your 1x8 and 1x12 cabs? I have recently built a vertical array 2x6 cab to bi-amp with my 2x12 cab with excellent results. I think this may be a more economical solution to your quest for low-mids.
  8. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    I've noticed from their posts that while Bgavin likes the Aplha 6 as a midrange driver, Bill Fitzmaurice amost always recommends the Aplha 8 as his favoured mid driver. Based on that I'd be inclined not to rely on the Alpha 8's for bottom end.

    Maybe 3 of them, togther with a Delta 12 FL or and Omega Pro 12in place of the Delta 10. Put the 12 in a seperate chamber and perhaps put some sort of high-pass filter on the 8's.
  9. hm, i´m not gonna waste any money here so the 1x8+1x12 cab might after all be it(or 3x8+1x12, but the cab might be a little too big).
    but propably no bi-amping.

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