DIY build- Slanted baffle? Store bought crossover?

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    Hi All,

    I've built speakers from precut kits, and made my own open back guitar cabinets that don't really depend on carefully measured volumes. I'm gonna step up my game a little.

    I'm intending to make an ultralight 110 cab for practice, and small gigs if it's up to it. I plan on using high-quality half-inch plywood, assuming that will be fine for a single 10 ported cab.

    I'm thinking Eminence basslite s2010 in the eminence designed medium ported enclosure.... as a jumping off point. I'm wondering how flexible these designs are.

    1) can I slant the baffle upward? If I do it on the centerline I'd maintain more or less the same volume, anything to worry about there?

    2) it requires 2 rather large ports. Could I put a port on either side to keep the dimensions down and avoid any issues with the slanted baffle? What about both on top? My practice amp is a MB200, so no need for a big footprint for a head. Am I insane? Or just woefully ignorant?

    3) I'm just going to go with a woofer first, but assuming I like it, is adding a tweeter using Eminence's premade crossovers an option- I'd assume 1600Hz in this application? I don't have any software or engineering background, just a tinkerer, so I definitely don't know much about crossover design. If it's just not worth it, that's a good enough answer for me ;)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    fdeck has a small 1x12 design that looks interesting.

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