DIY Generic EUB Stand

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  1. This was one of the first projects I put my mind to when I initially got my Stagg EUB.

    While I knew there was a stand out there, having spent the money on the Bass,
    I decided to see what was at hand I could use to make something out of.

    For a long time I had held on to a broken guitar stand, the plastic height adjustment
    on it had been smashed.

    Essentially I drilled holes then riveted the bottom half of the stand to a section of pipe,
    then I drilled and glued in the top section. As you can see from the photos,
    the donor piece of pipe was actually an old bit of surveying pole.

    Finally I reshaped the bottom section by bending it inwards to provide something that
    would hold the bass around the edge of the tail piece. The existing rubber section
    prevents the bass from falling out forwards.

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    Kudos to your creativity; looks like a pretty clever solution.
  3. I spent a fair amount of time when I was younger waving one of those at an engineer with a level. No "rodmen" anymore. Nowadays it seems to be all computers and lazer beams.

    You make much better use of it, IMHO, anyway and more interesting than a piece of pvc piping etc. :cool:

    Surveyor's have longer rods... :D
  4. Thanks, its served me well for several years, plus unlike other stands it doesn't take up as much room/hold the bass too high.

    Whats nice about the surveying pole, is that despite not being round, its pretty sturdy stuff. I got this one from a place my wife used to work, it was still being used, although in an educational capacity.