DIY project 1x10 speaker cabinet using forum tips

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  1. Hey everybody,

    I just put the finishing touches on a DIY 1x10 cabinet last night, using the basic information in this thread:

    I reinforced the inside of the cabinet in several places: under the handle attachment screws, at the inside of the jack plate screws, and at the four corners of the speaker, using scrap pieces of MDF and plywood I had on hand. Wood glue, clamps, and ultimately, screws make the additional anchors super tight.

    Oh yeah, I also lined the entire inside with moving blanket material, cut to fit, and stapled in place.

    The prices for everything were variable, getting everything online. Including cabinet corners, handle, grill cover, speaker, cabinet, screws, and pre-wired dual jack plate, I've got about $170.00 in parts here. The speakers mentioned in the thread are no longer anywhere near the price at the time of the thread writing, so I spent about $90 for the speaker alone.

    Well, I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the power and sounds coming out of this little beasty. Years ago, I had a 1x10 SWR Workingman's 10 that I thought was the shizzle at the time. Paired with the GK MB200 in the pictures below, this puts out considerably more volume, with a more omni-directional quality.

    Based on my initial impressions, I may build another, just to make a mini stack of doom. ;)

    Here's a couple'a pics:




    All the best,

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    Pretty slick for home practice/coffeehouse applications. Especially with that GK MB200. If I had that at home I'd never bring anything here except a bass and my pedalboard.
  3. Well, ordered up everything last night to make the second one!

    Found a deal on the speaker that I wasn't expecting, and as they say, timing is everything.

    All the best,