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  1. I am about to commence building one of my own pedals...i have everything i need pretty much except the housing...any good recommendations on where to get premade boxes or a sturdy way to build a box for this purpose?
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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Most of the Boutique Gurus and even some of the big names like MXR use either Hammond enclosures, or some chinese knock off on the same. They are cast aluminum, so they are strong as an ox, but incredibly easy to machine.

    You can get them at:

    Mouser is a beast to navigate, but it's literally the source for 99% of the crap you'll need.

    Small Bear is great 'cause it's a small business, and he keeps his prices competetive. I've ordered from both.

    Other alternatives I've seen are Altoid boxes, Sardine tins, tuna cans, etc.. so on and so forth... They make for great unique pedals, but I'm wary of their durability.
  3. thx very much!