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DIY Replacement.

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Microbass, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. OK, so ya'll know the score - the type of thing you can't afford.

    The nut of my G3 is not "centred" properly; on the bottom (g-string) the nut is slightly off the neck; about 1 mm, and at the top, about 1mm inwards on the neck.

    So this results in the G string being very close to the edge the neck half way down the string. Impossible for bending.

    I want to take off this nut, and then centre it - myself. I want to also use the same nut.

    1) The glue looks quite old as it is, so I reckon loosening the glue with a small flat-headed screw drive shouldnt be too difficult. I knwo not to chisel away at just one part of the nut, and to do it gently.

    Should this method get me there ok? Any suggestions on a better route (aprt from a pro)

    2) what type of glue would be most suitable? Super glue? Wood glue?

    Thanks all. I can get a picture if you would like it. :)
  2. OK, you've pretty much laid it out...

    Is this nut plastic? I don't remember on a G3 but I think they were. If so, you've got some potential trouble. If the nut is still glued in, it could be very difficult to remove in one piece. Your description of how the nut has "slid" over to the treble side suggests that it might already be loose. But, like any other little remove and replace job on an instrument, you should only attempt it if you've thought through the possible screw-up scenario's and how you would recover. In this case, I would have a new nut blank on hand and already marked for the string spacing as taken from the original nut. Then proceed with trying a removal.

    See if the nut can be pried up from underneath using a thin, flat tool first - well, just like you suggested!. Start at the end (the one that hangs over the neck edge) and push up. If it doesn't give way so that you can get the nut out in one piece, then take a pair of pliers and try grasping the front and back faces of the nut from the top and try to rock it out of it's slot. This should, at the least, break a little more of the glue bond to get it out. If this still doesn't help, you might have to consider destroying it.

    When you've got it out (however that happens) be sure to clean up the old nut slot of the remnant glue. This can keep your new nut from seating properly. Only use a yellow or even a white glue to keep the nut centered. The glue will hold side to side but string pressure keeps it down. This new glue will make any removal much easier in the future.

    Hope this helps...
  3. Thanks a bunch HB. just wanted to be certain after looking over some older threads.

    I took another look at the nut - its either plastic or bone, but I reckon plastic. The nut looks as if has been replacement, or re-attached, but quickly, the glue is actually quite strong.

    Thanks, I'll have another look at it!