DIY wolf tone eliminator

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    Sep 15, 2018
    Hello, maybe this will be useful for someone.

    My bass has a nasty wolf tone on the open A; audible beating, and you can feel the string kicking the bow. Looking at wolf tone eliminators they seem pretty simple so I thought I'd try to make one before spending money. As far as I can see they consist of two parts: the soft part to dampen the string and the outer brass shell which adds to the overall mass.

    To get something similar, I used a wine cork with two large bolts attached using cable ties (see the picture - make sure the bolts aren't touching since they vibrate pretty wildly). The cork was cut radially such that the string passes through the centre.

    It works great! After tuning it a bit the wolf note is basically eliminated and the whole bass sounds a lot more resonant on the low strings. It seems very sturdy, we'll see if it holds up long-term.

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  2. Thanks for sharing!
    A brand of wine in particular? :D
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    Sep 15, 2018
    I am conducting extensive comparison studies to address this question.